back to article NotW bosses fight back over hacking claims

Tory communications boss Andy Coulson has assured MPs that he played no part in either condoning or facilitating phone hacking while editor of the News of the World. Coulson quit as NoTW editor in 2007 after the paper's royal correspondent, Clive Goodman, and a private investigator accomplice, Glen Mulcaire, were jailed for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Whatever happened to ... ?




    It seems like most of UK's influential people (MPs, Lords, Bankers, Financiers, Press barons, ... ) are just pure and simple fraudsters?

  2. david 63

    The big boys done it...

    ...and ran away.

  3. Citizen Kaned


    yeah - of course the NOTW hasd a brilliant record going back in time doesnt it? i mean all this dodgy shit has only happened after he left hasnt it?

    just like when the daily mail told people you can make heroin out of cannabis (thats amazing isnt it considering they are from 2 totally different plants)

    its just like the PEOPLE - i know a reporter who 'works' there. he openly admits to regularly making up complete stories.

    as far as im concerned 3 strikes should count for a newspaper. if they lie more than 3 times in a year they are taken out of business. printing any amount of lies, selling tonnes of papers, then saying on page 27 it was a mistake just isnt good enough.

    the annoying thing is that the People also have a list of known celeb paedophiles, that they are not allowed to publish. so, you can legally make any old shit up but reporting on celebs that have been found guilty of doing BAD things that they got off with is wrong. the press makes me ashamed to live in this country sometimes!

  4. Max Pritchard

    To AC@14:58 take heart...

    Integrity, Decency and Honesty are simply not as newsworthy. It can seem like everyone in positions of influence is bent - just as it can seem that the Internet is full of people who like Star Trek. You find what you look for. I would advocate not getting involved with mass media and leaving them to annoy the politicians and vice versa. I'm sure they're all having fun.

    I believe that the majority of people try their best to do good. But how many MPs who do not claim any expenses hit the headlines and for how long? How many excellent and moral, inquisitive journalists are lauded for their work and methodology?

  5. Paul Gomme

    The Reg says it best:

    "Integrity - we've heard of it"

    Just a pity more of the public don't read it...

  6. LPF
    Paris Hilton

    Whats hilariousis that...

    This is obvious a sly guardian attempt to to get at the Tories. I mean seriously is there a single person in this country above the age of five who does not believe that the newspapers used PI's to get stories.

    I mean come on they all do it, the only reason this story has legs is that they want to try and get

    at Cameron, and see if they can make some mud stick.

    Paris because she knows a put up job when she see's it!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Bliss Ninny Max Pritchard

    "But how many MPs who do not claim any expenses hit the headlines and for how long?"

    There weren't any, they all claim expenses that get paid for out of tax money.

    "I believe that the majority of people try their best to do good."

    Nah, a lot of people try to dress up what is good for them as doing their best to do good.

    "How many excellent and moral, inquisitive journalists are lauded for their work and methodology?"

    Oh now, you are really pushing it :)

  8. Will 28

    An interesting omission

    You seem to have skipped the point that even Nick Robinson of the BBC picked up. To quote his blog:

    "However, Plaid Cymru's Adam Price did make Coulson look uncomfortable when he presented him with a copy of paper he'd edited which trumpeted an "exclusive" about Prince Harry and Chelsy. Price suggested this story could only have come from the illegal phone hacking. Coulson's reply was that he had no involvement in or recollection of the story. No-one said what I imagine many were thinking - "come off it". "

    Not even a mention of this?

  9. Anonymous Coward


    what you like (and people do and will) but max mosley's phone was (potentially) clearly hacked and he was monitored by dubious people. I seem to remember reading somewhere that he was warned he was being followed a few weeks before the story featuring him broke.

    Now I might not agree with Max Mosley <or insert other politician, media commentator here> but I dont think that I want to live somewhere that allows someone to be monitored and subjected against by the 'neutral' press simply because of their business decisions or political beliefs.

    A curious point, when was the last time a sky (news, entertainment, sports) anchorman was exposed as a 'deviant'?

  10. Martin 6 Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    I want journalists (even NotW 'journalists') to hack phones, spy on people, dig up dirt etc.

    Otherwise the press is just going to be printing press releases from Max Clifford and Alastair Campbell.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pissed off

    Watched the inquiry today and the mantra from all 4 were “there is no evidence” or "can't remember". The shredding machines and the del buttons must be worn out at HQ.

    And we are meant to feel sorry for newspapers suffering in the new world, boo hoo, the sooner they die the better.

    Money and power corrupts, tabloids are deep in the trough arguably worse than bankers and mps, all who thought they were untouchable. Hope some shit sticks soon

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ..are the Guardian covering for, or put another way how much are they being pain to smear DC and his party?

  13. James 55

    News Corp.

    Should be destroyed and the pieces given to the Broadsheets and the BBC/ITV. Though you wouldn't want them to all get poisoned by it.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Looks good

    "Coulson told the Commons' Culture and Media Committee of MPs on Tuesday that he resigned even though he didn't know about Goodman's illegal action, because as editor he bore "ultimate responsibility" for what his staff did."

    So he resigns because the people under him were dodgy, even though he had no knowledge of their dubious activities.

    This harkens back to a golden age where people in public life took responsibility for their actions, and the actions of those under them, instead of sitting there in parliament even AFTER being caught with their hands in the taxpayers till!

  15. Max Jalil


    If I am not mistaken the mobile phone "hacking" in question is merely the accessing of mobile phone voice mail messages by the guessing of the PIN or USING THE DEFAULT PIN which is the equivalent to say a paranoid partner listening to your voicemails (wrong I know - but hacking?). The real crime is the ignorance of people who really should know better leaving sensitive information on COMPLETELY INSECURE systems which they then do not protect at all by even changing the PIN. Talk about laeving the door wide open.

    What a missed opportunity to educate people about basic information security instead of scaring them witless.

    Nothing is secret or uncopyable anymore anyway.

  16. James Pickett

    Deep joy

    Nice to see the hacks at each others' throats after the MP's expenses row. The latest Private Eye has some interesting stuff on the details - apparently Rebekah Wade (the dirty digger's darling) requested some skulduggery from a PI when she was editor of the NotW, but the Grauniad backed off mentioning this to the committee, to avert all-out war. Shame we have to rely on satirical magazines (and El Reg) for the important bits...

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Bring back the 60's

    when the notw reporters were consigned to hide in rubbish bins down soho way....

    My favourite memory is when Richard Neville (editor of OZ mag.) set up the notw by substituting a semi literate hippy type for himself for an interview with said sad organ. The fantastic picture of "Neville" in that Sunday's edition made them the laughing stock of Fleet Street (as it then was, pre-murdoch), as everyone else knew who Neville was and what he looked like.

    Happy days.

    Liquid lunch, the journo's staple, now and for ever more, etc.....

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