back to article Intel to launch Core i5 on 6 September

Roadmap details have emerged revealing Intel's desktop-processor launch plan for the coming months. September will see the debut of the Core i5 mainstream Nehalem-class processor, along with a pair of new Core i7 parts. The i5-750 will run at 2.66GHz, though its auto-overclocking ability can push that to 3.2GHz when apps …


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  1. Steve 53

    Seems a very reasonably chip still

    Lets face it, its going to be very unusual workloads that will tax 4 cores, let alone take advantage of the 8 cores you get with hyperthreading. (Database servers, Well loaded Web Server - the only desktop task i can think of would be video rendering)

    It seems these are likely to be dual rather than triple channel DDR3 - guess we'll have to wait for benchmarks to see the performance impact there.

    If its a bit cheaper than the I7, it could well be a winner. I've been holding off on upgrading (Lets face it, core2duo / quad have been looking like old designs for a while now - how long have AMD been free of the front side bus?)

  2. blad3runn69


    cool! thank ü intel icpu

  3. Tavon

    Core i5 and hyper-threading

    the Core i5 dual-core has hyper-treading but the Core i5 quad-core does not have hyper-threading

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Can't see how that's "fail" in any sense of the word. Native quad core is pretty much always going to trump dual core with HT so there's still going to be a performance advantage to going for a (presumably) higher priced quad i5. Although how much of the additional processing power will actually help is debatable, seeing as the duals will (presumably) have better "turbo" modes.

    Can't wait to see how these are going to perform, my PC is predominantly used for gaming so it could well be that the dual i5 will be an equal or better performer in that respect (better turbo for single/dual threaded games, and HT for those games that can spread over 4 threads). The integrated PCI-E controller will also be intruiging, unless of course future graphics cards can saturate x8 x8 bandwidth in crossfire/sli, then there may be some slight "fail" albeit in a totally different area.

  5. Ricky H

    i5 yeah!!!!

    if the core i5 had HT then there would be little to distinguish it with the i7 performance wise. my guess is dual vs tri-channel memory will only be 5-10% difference.

    i5 CPU £120

    mobo £100

    DDR3 4GB 1333 £50

    AMD 40nm GFX DX11 £100-£150?



    SOLD !!!!

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