back to article Apple profits up 15 per cent (again)

The global economic Meltdown may be tightening belts worldwide, but they're not feeling the squeeze in Cupertino. Apple announced Tuesday that its third fiscal 2009 quarter, which ended on June 30th, saw the company's year-on-year quarterly revenue rise to $8.34bn and its net quarterly profit to $1.23bn. That's up from $7.46bn …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just need some new ideas

    Instead or rehashing everything.

  2. Alan L

    626% growth?

    Expect many, many, ... , many iPhone wannabeez?

  3. Scott Mckenzie

    If it ain't broke...

    ...there are only so many ways one can build a laptop. Adding multi touch, LED backlighting, the super long life battery - all progress in my book!

  4. Derek Hellam
    Thumb Up

    No surprises really

    Make products that are original, easy to use and of good quality and people will buy them. No surprises.

  5. Tony Paulazzo

    Does this mean

    a million lemmings can't be wrong?

  6. Wonko the Sane

    no no no

    Derek, no no no, you haven't been listening to the anti-Apple crowd. Apple only makes things which are trendy, that's how they're doing it, people only buy Apple because it will bring them a lifestyle they can be proud, women, song....errrr...or something like that.

  7. DZ-Jay

    Good for Apple

    This, at a time when Google and Microsoft are effecting or planning lay-offs (or is it lays-off?) and looking to cut as many operational costs as possible, in order to stop the red-ink haemorrhage.

    I say, more power to them.


  8. Urs Keller

    @Tony: Yes

    Yes, in the same sense as millions of MS-lemmings can't be wrong ....

  9. spencer

    @Derek Hellam

    Agree with everything except the 'original' bit. The only thing original about Apple is its NeXTstep derived OS... which looks very pretty.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Plenty of lemmings here...

    ...Our company is replacing everone's mobile - new office environment, no more fixed line telephony, There are 4 supported smartphones offered. Of the first tranche of 175 people being moved the resulting phone order was:

    Gerät : SonyEricsson X1 1

    Gerät : HTC Touch Pro 2 ‎ 1

    Gerät : HTC Touch HD ‎ 8

    Gerät : iPhone 3GS ‎ 165

    Whether or not the iPhone is a better device, Apple has certainly succeded in convincing people that it's the one they want.

  11. Richard 102


    I was thinking about buying some Apple stock a few weeks ago. Then I decided to put the cash towards the down payment on our new house. Ah, well, regardless, it's a win.

    Nice to see that a company that innovates (or puts forth a good effort to it) is succeeding. And yes, I down own a Mac, but I also own a Linux box and work on Windows, Solaris, and Linux for my daily bread.

  12. Tawakalna
    Thumb Down

    built on blood?

    Are Apple's profit's worth the death of a young engineer? See the other Reg story for the dark side of Apple's wonderful story. Bl**dy iPhone claptrap.

  13. B 9


    GTF out of here with that silliness. It wasn't Apple's fault. It was the school where he got his engineering degree. They must have taught them to kill themselves if they lost anything. Let's all go and protest that university!!

  14. Dana W
    Jobs Halo

    Unfashinable, untrendy, unattractive, Mac Convert.

    It never fails to amaze me the people who keep screaming that the only people who buy Mac are idiots or Fashion Lemmings.

    Simply put, for most home users, Mac does it easier, and safer and more reliably than anyone else. Linux is still not ready to be installed by the non technical user, though it IS usable by one once it is set up. And I've tried to get the clueless to adopt Linux, success rate about 50%. I've made several new Mac users, NEVER have I had one say "I want Windows back"

    And a lot of my tech user friends are sick of Microsoft's control freaking to the point where Redmond decides what you do with your computer, and you are only along for the ride. You get sick of having to fight against your own OS. So, all in all, I started with Microsoft when I was putting ram into knock off 8088's with bootleg IBM Bioses, and kept with it till well into XP. It was finally "enough is enough".

    I keep a Wintendo kicking around for a Mame-box and to play a few old games, But for my daily computer use? Not a chance. For my banking info and passwords? no way. I like to use my machine, not spend half the day patching it, or waiting to be owned simply by web browsing.

    Yes, there are some fashion people who just like the shiny, and frankly, they sooner they move on to their next atrocity the better. But there are a lot of us in it who DO know how to use Linux, who DO know how to keep a Windows PC clean and running. but who simply like a smooth happy low maintenance user experience with a computer, that does not REQUIRE you to be a tech, even if we are one.

    USER EXPERIENCE COUNTS. And the market is showing it. Microsoft isn't the only game in town anymore, and people are voting with their feet. The economy is this bad, yet Apple sales are sunny. This is not the sign of a status brand, its the sign of people buying what gives them pleasure, satisfaction, and RELIABILITY. My Last Dell Laptop went back SEVEN times. My Macbook pro is over two years old now, and has had no issues at all.

    People are sick of it want something different. It has nothing to do with "fashion"Why is this so hard to understand?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    @Dana W

    And Apple is not into control freakery? Maybe we're not reading the same El Reg as each other.

  16. Ign R. Amis

    Apple makes good products

    And the PC whiners just can't bloody stand it.

    It's easier to conclude that everyone buying Apple is simply brainwashed than to accept that people are tired of using Microsoft's crap OS. Every smart person I know in IT has abandoned Windows because it's a buggy, virus-prone piece of shit.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    @Ign R.Amis

    Sorry to break it to you I use Apple as well and the so called benefits are grossly overstated or non-existent. I had OSX apps crash on me or freeze many times. This supposedly being a perfect OS as it is on an Apple computer. Maybe also you can tell me why they need to sell you Apple care?

  18. OrsonX
    Jobs Halo

    MacBook order going in tmrw....

    And I'm not alone.

    In work, over the last 6 months my boss has bought a new Mac, as have 3 of my collegues, and I can't wait to order mine tomorrow.


    -look fantastic

    -good build quality

    -a pleasure to use

    Exact same reasons I bought my IPhone!

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple fanbois = brainwashed llamas

    This buffoonery is almost unbelievable. Buy Apple = Shafted in the exhaust pipe without being kissed first. Most people who buy apple - 1) Taken in by apple hype 2) want to be 'different and last but worst do not mind being OWNED by apple.

    The lemming analogy is correct - if apple told you to drive over a cliff...... but packaged it right - you would all do it. It is actually very sad and I feel sorry for you.

    As for the jesus phone.... I have one - POS. Just like a lot of people I got sucked in by the hype. Yes it is easy to use, it looks good too - but damn it can't forward a message that a £10 Nokia CAN DO. There is no proper bluetooth implementation etc etc etc etc etc etc (the list is almost endless of apple borking usability and user friendliness). It has more shortcomings than almost any other phone. Lastly anything that forces a user to use iTunes is VERY bad indeed. When apple stop treating their customers with contempt is when I will take apple seriously.

    @dana - If you were any good as a tech then perhaps you COULD set up windows so that it does not require all the messing you have to do with it. Perhaps even setup OSX on a PC as many people have done (=apple without the bullshit).

    Apple keep on announcing huge profits simply because there are very many stupid people in the world being suckered into buying their products :) Then you have the fanbois preaching to anyone and everyone to buy apple................. even here on the reg........... sad times........

  20. Anonymous Coward

    @Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 28th July 2009 08:44 GMT

    What a twat.

  21. magnetik

    Cowardly Apple haters

    Funny how so many of the critical comments are done as AC. Don't you have the conviction to stand behind your bullshit?

  22. Chris Sanderson

    Time to give it a rest

    All this hatred over someones personal choice? Anyone that is bitching needs go get themselves a life or a blow up girlfriend and find something more constructive to moan about...

    If any company posts good profits in a recession it is because they are doing business well period... if millions of people are being brainwashed and buying Apple products then there is a reason for that, they are doing good business.

    Get over it, if you don't like Apple no one is holding a gun to your head to go buy one.... if you don't like Windows then same.

    If we all thought like the small minded, moaning twats on here the world would be a sorry, boring, dull place and ultimately we'd perish, because no women would sleep us. I for one am glad of healthy competition that will force Microsoft to realise that consumers do have a choice and are then forced to improve the quality of their products.

  23. Ted Treen
    Jobs Halo

    @Simon Banyard

    Excellent comment, Sir.

    Succinct and entirely appropriate.

    Good man.

  24. Ben Rosenthal

    I despair

    for years they were chucking out good innovative products that you couldn't give away, now they just follow the EA "tiny incremental improvements" model and we bloody lap it up >.<

  25. Kevin Bailey

    Macs ARE the cheapest option

    My other half uses a Macbook Pro for work every day - hammers it with Photoshop, Indesign, Flash, Illustrator, Emails, website coding, etc etc etc.

    We've never had to pay for Anti-virus, Firewalls, Anti-spyware. So there's some cost savings.

    But the biggest cost saving is that it works fast; all day every day and has done for about three years. She never closes programs - just shuts the lid - then opens it again and is working with the same apps immediately. Only ever reboots if I nag her about applying updates.

    Now, how much time has that saved over the last few years compared to a Windows PC.

    (BTW - Same applies to Ubuntu - someone from the Samba team estimated that Ubuntu saves him ten hours a week compared to a Windows PC - and using Ubuntu myself I would say that's at least how much I save).

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    I love the fact that people still refer to Apple users as not “thinking different”. Don’t know where you’ve been but that’s an Apple marketing campaign from 10 years ago. You do know we’re in the 21st century, right?

    I am an Apple user (like to call myself an Apple Whore) but forced to use Windows at work. Big spreadsheet of data today, tried deleting some columns, Excel just stopped working. And it took Access with it (yes, I know Access is shite but I’m migrating data over to MySQL). The mouse sticks when AV definitions are being updated, making the PC unusable for about five minutes. ZIPed a folder of stuff today and then tried to delete the original folder whereupon I was met with an “access denied” error. No other applications were using this folder.

    It is for precisely reasons like that I despise Windows; there is absolutely no consistency in the way it works (or doesn’t work). But I’m not blind to the fact that OS X can act a bit stupid sometimes. Had to restart the other day when a disk image wouldn’t mount.

    I’m a web/print designer and developer and both machines are capable of running CS4 but I always get much more done with my Mac Pro at home than with the shitty Windows box I’m forced to use at work. I just want to get stuff done without worrying whether my OS is going to throw a hissy fit. It is precisely this for reason that I enjoy using Apple gear. The Windows ‘fanbois’ seem obsessed that Mac users are obsessed with looks but I wonder how many of you drool over some new phone, TV, camera or bit of hi-fi equipment?

    Great news on the Apple figures though. Wish I’d bought stock in the 90s…

  27. deegee


    @Dana W and @Kevin B and @ Anon-Thu 30th

    Please post something other than bashing and false information. While there are many Wintel users who do bash Macs, "reverse pc racism" and false information on your part doesn't help matters or contribute to actually enlightening society -- try taking the high-road some time.

    All of this "PC's crash -- PC's don't work -- Mac's are superior" garbage gets real old real fast.

    One platform is no better than the other when all things are considered using common sense (which isn't so common any more) -- there are some differences but all are tools for a purpose.

    I have been doing Corporate IT since 1995 for three corporations with 99% Wintel-based networks, servers and workstations, with over 99.99% 24:7:365 up-time (approx. 3 hours downtime in 15 years across all 3 corps. and that was a server ps failure) -- because the suits trust me to have complete control over how the networks are managed -- and I know what I'm doing (15 years of hardware design, embedded systems, etc. before doing IT).

    For my own computer use I assemble and maintain all of my PCs which include Windows and Linux boxes -- and guess what? No AV, no BSODs, virtually no hardware issues in decades. Some crap third-party software and a few failing hardware components but those plague all platforms.

    Maybe you need to start associating with someone who actually knows how to set up and maintain a Wintel box properly and you won't have all of these issues. Or take the time to learn it yourself.

    Yes, a person is required to know at least a bit about how to properly install and configure and operate a Wintel system, just like you need a Mac-head or a Linux-guru to successfully use those platforms. And don't give me the typical "Macs are so easy you don't need to know anything about computers" drivel -- we all know that is bunking sod.

    All three platforms are good, all three are capable of getting the job done, all three are just as solid and secure as the other.

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