back to article STEC on a roll for enterprise SSDs

STEC is trumpeting a $120m supply deal to a large enterprise storage customer - EMC, HP or IBM, we reckon - emphasising it's virtually the only solid state disk supplier in town for enterprise hard drive arrays. STEC expects that revenue from the sale of its ZeusIOPS hard disk drive replacement SSDS will exceed $220m in 2009. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I doubt it's 10:1

    We just got a VMAX (if you want to annoy your EMC engineers, tell them the VMAX is a CX5)

    Our calculations at order said we only need 8 SSD drives - the rest are a mix of 140 and 300GB 15k

  2. Barry Burke

    SSD cheaper than HDD?


    You postulate an STEC ZeusIOPS at $220 - that's less than most 15K rpm HDDs these days. I can't provide actual pricing, but I can confirm that a ZeusIOPS costs a multiple of the cost of an 15K HDD, not a fraction. You might want to adjust and revisit your maths.

  3. Chris Mellor 1

    STEC pricing suggests lower HDD replacement ratio

    Sent to me: -- A single, 73GB ZeusIOPS SSD costs about $10,000 for system-integrators. They're about $14,000.00 each for end-users. Not anywhere near $220. See:-

    Next to consider, take STEC's performance claims and multiply them by 0.12 to get the actual number of IOPS they do in an audited benchmark (!)

    -- STEC Claim = 45,000 IOPS/SSD -

    -- SPC-1 Actual = 5,600 IOPS/SSD -


    The pricing above would suggest 2,200 ZeusIOPS shipped this year ($220m/$10k) which is a rivial loss to FC HDD suppliers if there is a 1:1 replacement ratio. A 10:1 HDD replacement ratio would say 22,000 fast HDD sales were lost - which is still relatively trivial. A 100:1 replacement ratio would mean 220,000 HDD sales were lost - which starts looking interesting.


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