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You’ve got to hand it to those marketing bods who are constantly on the lookout for a gap in the market. Not so long ago, digital SLRs were neatly divided into high-end/entry-level models, but now, consumer DSLRs come in a variety of specifications aimed at specific groups of users. Nikon’s D5000 is a good example. It’s …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's a shame that manufacturers feel the need to include features that aren't really going to be used.

    >However, the D5000 does have something the D90 lacks – an articulating LCD screen that swivels up to 270 degrees – more on this later.

    I hardly think the number of times that a swivel screen will be needed on this type of camera justifies it's inclusion, other than as a marketing point which panders to the consumers need to check off another tick box on a comparison chart. It would have made more sense to have a fixed sreen and lower price thereby getting those potential D60 owners to spend the extra money.

    The movie clip has so much traffic noise that it's impossible to tell if the D5000 microphone is naturally noisy like the D90s. Although not likely to be used for any serious filming the D90s microphone is so noisy that it precludes it from being so. Maybe you could clarify this for any potential D5000 owners who might think the movie feature is a deciding factor even given your comments on the actual video quality.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Compared to the Canon 500D : Bulky, heavy but has an articulated screen

    Compared to the Olympus E-620 : Very Bulky, heavy but has video

    It's just TOO big and heavy for a paraprofessional's secondary camera

  3. Phil Atkin
    Thumb Down


    This is the third time, I've asked this, I know it's falling on deaf ears, but *PLEASE* get a photographer to review the cameras. Please. I simply cannot tell whether these cameras are any good or not because the photos that illustrate the reviews are garlic-turd stinky.

  4. Tony Smith (Written by Reg staff)

    @Phil Atkin

    We did, and you pissed and moaned then, too.

  5. J 3

    RAW x jpeg

    "RAW images appear a tad sharper than JPEGs too."

    As always, I suspect. That is due to the noise reduction applied by the camera in making the JPEG, which Nikon seems to have a somewhat heavy hand compared to other manufacturers. That does not happen with the RAW, since it is unprocessed. How much noise you'll see later depends on the setting in the conversion software, in the computer. Which could be better than the in-camera one.

    Re: the videos, I wish they'd stop this silliness of adding video the DSLRs. It sounds like it's usually crappy (except you buy a really expensive camera), and will only add complexity, fragility, and most of all price to the damn things. If I wanted video I'd buy a cheap camcorder and be much better off than with these DSLRs, I suspect.

    And since I'm in the mood, what's up with all the stupidly confusing model naming? I suppose that must be on purpose, since they must make more money if people are confused, maybe? Coming up with a sensible naming scheme to make the hierarchy (is there one?) of their models would be too much to ask, I suppose. D5000 between D60 and D90? Or take my favorite brand, Pentax. All was well for a while, with the K10D and K20D being the top of their generations, then the K100D and K200D for the middle, and the K2000D (screwed up a little here, since this one was called K-m in some places) for the entry level. Now they released a great new model called... K-7 (no D). WTF? Sure it could be seen as a new family and all that, superior to the previous generations... Oh, well. I'll go lay down now.

  6. thomas newton
    Paris Hilton

    every time I see this camera

    it's price is quoted as the same as the D90 - so I cant really see why it's being described as an 'entry level' model. the only thing you get over the D90 is the tilting screen, and you lose the higher resolution LCD screen and the AF motor. so whats the point?

    Paris, because I cant see the point of her either.

  7. Bad Beaver
    Paris Hilton

    @ Phil Atkin

    While I second your perception, I must wonder why you not simply turn to photo-centric sites for camera reviews, like say dpreview.

  8. Robert Sneddon


    It looks like Nikon USA is issuing a recall for a lot of the first production run of the D5000 -- basically some of them can't be switched on due to a power control chip failure. People seeing this happening on their cameras can return them immediately for repair and there will be a systematic recall for all affected cameras based on serial number starting next week.

  9. Richard S

    Video on DSLR

    The common reaction to Video in DSLRs is "why did they bother?". Can I just stress that there is a market for entry-ish level DSLRs with Full HD video. I am that market, and in a straw poll of one, 100% said they would purchase one.

    Unfortunately the jump in price between a superzoom (with Full HD) and a DSLR with Full HD was double the cost, so this time around I opted for the former. But next time round it will be my turn with the DSLR.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    vs D90

    Re: "it's price is quoted as the same as the D90 - so I cant really see why it's being described as an 'entry level' model."

    It seems to be selling most places for about £200 less than the D90 (the D5000's only £608 on Amazon for instance), which shows what nonsense these recommended prices are (you'd expect the older camera to be cheaper, for one thing). Although also in the D90's favour is that it has a kit lens with a longer zoom range: 18-105 vs 18-55 for the D5000.

  11. Fuzz

    Start up time

    "...the D5000 can fire off its first frame in less than two seconds..."

    Did you actually test this? Nikon DSLRs, like most makes I assume, can fire shots virtually from startup. I know both of mine allow a shot as soon as you flick the switch to on.

    DPReview lists off to first shot time as <0.1 seconds which sounds about right to me.

    Hint: you don't have to wait until the info screen appears to be able to take a shot.

  12. Luke 2
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    @ Phil Atkin

    I agree with Bad Beaver on this - el Reg do a pretty damn decent job reviewing all things electronic. If you want a full super-review with loads of sample shots etc, try

    They are about 25 pages though, so el Reg's are fine for a first look!

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