back to article Guns N' Roses blogger dodges time in slammer

A Los Angeles man who pleaded guilty to illegally uploading nine Gun N' Roses songs onto his music site has dodged jail time. Earlier this week a federal judge sentenced Kevin Cogill to a year's probation. He will also serve two month's confinement, have his computer activity monitored by the government, and record a public …


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  1. Lottie


    And there was me thinking he should have been locked up under trades description for callin Chidem "music".

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Crime and punishment

    I think a bigger crime was the album itself!

  3. Peter 51


    I'd rather take the jail time I think.

  4. Grease Monkey Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Sod him

    He should do time for releasing that shite on an unsuspecting public.

  5. Mathew White
    Black Helicopters

    "We take theft seriously"

    Soon the RIAA will be able to shoot on site. Judge Dredd style.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    "Have his computer use monitored by the Government"

    And this is unusual how?

    Greetings from Menwith Hill

  7. EvilJason


    The ironic thing is that this is what would happen in communist china lol where you get a crimal sentince for a civil crime.....and yes it is still a civil crime no matter how they change it.

  8. Daniel 1

    You can 'leak' rock albums?

    What's more, IF you leak a rock album, the RIAA sees it as a 'felony'. A felony? Have they no sense of proportion at all? The men these people buy their Special White Powder from, are commiting a Felony. When Axl Rose beat up his ex-wife and treatened to killer, that was a felony.

    But now this guy is going to "have his computer activity monitored by the government". Boy, this leaking of rock albums is srs bsnss! I wonder what arm of the Department of Homeland Security is in charge of monitoring Music Felons? If he was enjoying REAL 'Chinese Democracy', of course, he could get that level of service without ever having to listen to Gun'n'Roses!

  9. The First Dave


    I'm guessing that this guy had a better lawyer than Jammie Thomas!

    For someone who is clearly a bit of a geek, being 'grounded' isn't much of a punishment,

    and presumably his activities being monitored is what got him in front of the beak in the first place.

    Finally, no-one pays any attention to anything the RIAA / MPAA say, so the 'official apology' isn't going to cut much ice.

  10. Jeremy 2
    Dead Vulture

    "Recording Industry Association of America"

    When did they stop being an Ass?

  11. Jimbo 7

    come on

    Guns N' Roses? Are we back in 1993?

  12. Mad Dave


    I look forward to hearing the confessions of copyright terrorist Kevin on my telescreen later on.


  13. Ian 11


    Someone I used to go to school with killed a pedestrian by driving 50mph in a 30mph zone and he got less of a punishment than that.


    This country is fucked.

  14. Stevie Silver badge

    4 Mathew White

    Nah, they'll outsource the hit.

  15. Dustin 2


    Everyone should just boycott the album altogether, the album and any song on it. The guy should have been fined, not sentenced, and since when does the RIAA get to determine what is and is not a felony? Maybe we should get like a couple million people to protest outside their office(s)

  16. Andus McCoatover

    Where's McKinnon when we need him?

    <<...have his computer activity monitored by the government.>>

    Come back Gary, all is forgiven....and obviously legal, as a precedent has now been set.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Dustin 2

    Given the punishment usually handed out in the USA, I think I'd rather take the 2 months than a lifetime of debt!

  18. copsewood
    Big Brother

    big brother must be loved

    The public service announcement which is part of Kevin's sentence shows that it is not enough for big brother to destroy all opposition to unlimited copyright: all opponents guilty of this thought crime have to be re-educated by the Ministry of Love and be made to broadcast public confessions. It's apt that it makes you think of China as a place of democracy in comparison. This is America, folks, and big business gets to decide which parts of the US Bill of Rights suit their interests.

  19. Graham Lockley


    So a crap faux rock outfit gets some awful shite leaked on the net prior to the albums release. The guy should get PAID for warning the world about how 'uninteresting' the music is.


  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm awaiting getting arrested for playing my CDs at work where they are in earshot of customers.

    I don't think what he did was right but he shouldn't get much worse than a speeding ticket level fine.

  21. Jeffrey Nonken


    Felony copyright violation? Oh come ON, why not just give him the death penalty and be done with it? Better yet, wipe out his family, root and branch. Can't have those evil file sharers passing on their bad genes!

  22. lukewarmdog

    Shite Album

    What he was doing was pre-warning the world not to buy it, it's awful. As such his defense should have been that he was protecting law abiding citizens everywhere from being ripped off. There must be a law about that somewhere.

  23. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    A-game acting?

    So how does being forced into a public service announcement work? I would expect the acting to be umm... subpar. I know if I were forced into this I'd be pretty damned deadpan. Unless I'm supposed to be then I'd manage to Monty Python it up a bit hahahaha

    @Daniel 1:"Have they no sense of proportion at all?" No the Recording Industry Ass. of America does not. They in all seriousness think distributing a song or 2 should be charged about as seriously as murder. They have seriously claimed in the Jamie Thomas case that fining $80,000 *PER SONG* is reasonable, in fact they wanted more. They've tried to pass bills permitting them to 1) Seize people's computers, even for 1 song. 2) DESTROY them (via distributing fatal (to Windows) viruses and worms via P2P). 3) Directly hack peoples computers to troll for information. No, not even just computers they suspect of distribution, ANY computer.

    On the flip side, they (and the MPAA) both use "Hollywood Accounting" to make sure the artists they are supposed to represent will not actually get any money... the top tier gets some pay, the rest will only actually make money from going out on tour, not from 100s of thousands of album sales. And recently, the RIAA was pushing to get it so TOUR sales would be fed into them too!!! That got shot down right away though.

    In conclusion, fuck the RIAA. Buy independent. If you "must" buy a RIAA album buy it used so the RIAA won't get your money.

  24. James Woods

    about time i say this

    I've been silent on the whole music piracy thing for quite awhile.

    If these "artists" want the governmnet and courts to do their bidding perhaps the police need to look closer into the activities of them. We all know these bands are notorious for their drug use yet it's not very often that you hear about them running into problems with law enforcement over it.

    Perhaps it's time big brother takes a closer look into how these bands conduct themselves and the images they are promoting.

    If you compare this to someone like those that are basically famous for being high all the time an smoking weed everywhere it doesn't add up. What's a more serious problem here, drug use, the promotion of this lifestyle, or someone burning a very crappy album?

  25. Mostor Astrakan


    You would not kill a policeman

    Then steal his helmet.

    Then go to the toilet in it and send it to his bereaved wife.

    Then steal it again.


    Damn.... Should have done it all in all caps. Oh well.

  26. Paul Hates Handles
    IT Angle

    Public Service Announcement...?

    So the RIAA get to use him as a fuckpuppet... I bet his colon hurts.

    IT icon, in honour of Monstor Astrakan :D

  27. Jacqui Smith's DVD Collection!
    Thumb Down

    Stop buying music

    If we stop buying music we can defeat them.

    That is all!

  28. dracotrapnet

    This seems paltry

    This seems paltry sentence for 18 songs and pre-release. Last case 24 songs came up and some lady was charged for a few million, which she can't pay. Why is this guy special? This clearly shows the RIAA and these lawsuits are a joke.

    Mine's the one with the angry scorpion in the pocket.

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