back to article Zombies bite into Symbian smartphones

Security researchers have identified the first known spam bot client for 3G phones. YXES-B poses as a legitimate application called Sexy Space (ACSServer.exe) to steal the subscriber, phone, and network information of victims. The malware forwards these details to a site under hacker control. The same site contains message …


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  1. nichomach


    "poses as a legitimate application called Sexy Space" Oxymoron?

  2. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    I know I'm an old luddite...

    but what's wrong with a phone that, e.g., just makes calls?

  3. Steve Evans

    First known...

    Except for the previous version...


  4. Chris 211


    Does it actually prompt the user to install it? Some users are just button pressing monkeys.

  5. Wize

    @chris 211

    Thats the idea of a Trojan. Just like the gift of a big wooden horse, the user thinks he is installing something good and gets all the nasty stuff hidden inside it.

  6. Fred 24

    .exe on a Symbian?

    This doesn't really sound right - I've never heard of an exe file running straight on phone!

  7. James 47


    the article is quite skimpy on the details. presumably because it's overhyped bollocks as usual.

    so someone downloads the app, accepts the install, runs the app, accepts the network connection prompt and then beings spamming?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Fred 24

    The 'executable' files on symbian are .exe, they are inside the symbian packages (.sisx (signed) or .sis (unsigned))

  9. Simon 39

    It's all about teh monies.

    Steve: "but what's wrong with a phone that, e.g., just makes calls?"

    There's less profit in it!

    They want you to opt for the more complicated device so you can use billable services.

    Follow the money, it's all that matters.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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