back to article Google profits climb 19% amid 'difficult environment'

CEO Eric Schmidt says Google has yet to find a mathematical model that can predict the future of the worldwide economy. But there's little doubt the company has developed a search ad monopoly capable of weathering the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression. In the quarter ending June 30, Google revenues climbed to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Polite applause

    Well, it shows that at least some organisations have a wherewithall to tackle stuff effectively and efficiently.

    Perhaps google could open a bank or two and show the finance sector how to do it properly?

    (A serious comment)

    And of course Chrome OS is a big thing. Just look at the supply chain logistics for a start for a relatively newbie to hardware.

    Does it have potential? Yep.

    It could be the 2110's equivalent of a box of coloured pencils, the calculators most of us had to have and now mostly forgotten?

  2. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

    Rosenburg - Contender for Today's Bitch-Slap

    For using the word "monetizing" seriously.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not innovative?

    "It's a Linux kernel paired with a browser and some hardware drivers."

    You mean someone else has done that?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    All a scam really.

    I can cite the value of the dollar in 1930 to make it look like my profits have grown millions of percentage points, so what? And they say that they are better than their 'cost-cutting competitors', odd I thought they just laid off hordes of contractors and employees... interesting way of innovating.

    I just wish the Pacific ocean will just swallow Silicon Valley whole so we no longer have to hear about all this hype, California is pretty worthless, hell they are the first state to actually run out of money, ever. They are run solely by big business and special-interest groups, half the population is either in Prison or undocumented, and the only thing that is really profitable is the prison system...

    Call me cynical, but it wouldn't be too hard to believe that they modified search queries and other numbers to boost their stock and censor dissension (its already known that they control search ranking, why couldn't they take it a bit further)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Google up 20%, Ebay off 20% off

    In the local paper today a story that worldwide Ebay turnover was down 20%. That does not mean that Ebay profit is done 20% thou, more than likely it is up but in a GFC hit world you'd think that a "bargin hunters paradise" like Ebay(?) it's turnover would be up.

  6. fivegoldstars
    Paris Hilton

    Google earnings rise

    Do you think that Adsense payouts will go up accordingly?

  7. James Woods

    google government complex

    What this is a surprise? Google is hand and foot with our government. They might as well be a search engine ran by the chinese government.

    When you have the government in your pocket, you can say your figures are whatever you want them to be since you just have money printed for you.

    Now im not accusing Google of getting bailouts or anything but when you look at the dot-com bust and what google is bringing in im sure if you actually had them audited by a firm outside of the government-google complex the true numbers would be a little different.

    Let's not forget that google provides very little to the community yet benefits very handsomely from it.

    It's the people on the bottom that make the money for google, the people with their adsense/adwords accounts paying out the rearend for scam clicks.

    The world needs more monopolies to show you how to run your business.

  8. Greg 10

    @AC: clueless

    AC says: "I can cite the value of the dollar in 1930 to make it look like my profits have grown millions of percentage points, so what?"

    AC, you fail to understand even the basics of economics. What do you think "the value of the dollar" is? It's compared to other currencies.

    And that's something almost all quoted companies rightfully do.

    If you're doing 50% of your business in Europe, and 50% in the US, if you are based in the US and a given quarter, your earnings gros 20% in Europe, and as much in the US, what do you think is the growth of your earnings?

    You'd think it would make sense to say that globally, the business has grown 20%.

    But no, the official figure is not 20%. It depends on the Euro/Dollar parity. If the Euro is down 50% (or the dollar up 100%, that's the same), then in dollar terms, your european business brings you half as much as it would have done a quarter before (well, actually 60% of what it brought, taking the +20% into account). Does it mean youre european business is less profitable intrinsically? Of course not, it brings 20% more euros than it did.

    So it does make sense to give both figures: the earnings in dollars (after all, that's what's really gained in the end), but also the earnings as they would have been if the exchange rates had been constant (because THAT measure is what gives you an idea of whether the business has improved or not).

    Of course, one can also just be clueless, and fight to stay so. In that case, it's really a good comment to compare such a usual presentation with using 1930 dollar figures.

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