back to article O2 caught in smartphone virus outbreak

O2 in Germany has stopped sending out Toshiba TG01 smartphones, which have been inadvertently infected with malware. Speaking to German-language website, an O2 spokesman said the carrier began selling the TG01 - which boasts a 4.1in, 800 x 480 display - in early July. It's not known how the virus ended up on the phones - pre- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Should have used android

    no windows nasties there :)

  2. Marcel van Beurden

    The price you pay...

    ... for wanting to have a phone that synchronizes with Outlook.

  3. Jocke Selin
    Jobs Halo


    I'd rather have "strangled tethering" than a virus on my phone.

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