back to article Google Voice gets Android guestlist

Google Voice has arrived on Android and BlackBerry as a dedicated application - despite the service still being an invitation-only gig. The Google Voice application offers proper integration with the address book, showing your Google Voice number to people you're calling. It aims to provide punters with a single phone number …


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  1. Alex 5

    do no evil?

    hand over all my phone conversations to google? for what? convenience?

    that's like self dosing with rohypnol then heading over to a sleazy pick up bar, yes you don't need to make as much effort (no chat up required) and you're bound to get f***ed eventually, but hey! its convenient.

    why the hell would you want all your phone calls transcribed then be ear pumped by adverts?!?

    I guess this is a product for the Mountain Viewtards and self dosers no? I'm not convinced!!

  2. Lionel Baden

    dammit this is usefull

    I can never get hold of my mother because basically i never know what bloody country she is in or what number she is using

    normally 3 per country

  3. dracotrapnet

    It's helpful

    Google voice is perfect for a number you want to just give away, post on the web, and put on job applications. If you want, you could completely disregard all calls all the time and just use it as a voice mail box. Also, who is to say google will get all my phone calls. My real friends have my real cell number.

  4. Goat Jam
    Big Brother

    All your comms are belong to us.

    You gotta admire Google. This is the sort of thing that plenty of folks will find compelling. Even I find it strangely alluring and I understand the privacy ramifications better than most folk will.

    Whats that I hear? A disembodied voice? Whats that it's saying? "Come over. Come over to the dark side Luke!"

    Oh, if you say so . . .

This topic is closed for new posts.

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