back to article Ryanair agrees website clarifications with OFT

Ryanair will change the way it advertises its services after being referred to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) by advertising regulator the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The ASA's Code of Practice does not have the force of law but the ASA can refer repeat breakers of the Code to the OFT. It referred Ryanair over its …


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  1. dunncha

    Cheap flights aren't really cheap

    'The OFT said that it was not responsible for airlines and their websites complying with the Regulations. It also said that, unusually, there is actually no penalty for breaking the Regulations.'

    So what you going to do about it? Nothing at all.

    What annoys me is that they make you feel like scum because of your cheap flight , which isn't cheap at all.

    Cheap flights aren't really cheap

  2. Jimmy Floyd

    Ryanair: more expensive than BA... my experience, anyway. But then I tend to fly with a) luggage and b) a limited-sized bladder (which, ironically, is filled with free BA booze).

  3. David S

    Toothless watchdog gums villain

    "See 'em off, Rover!"

    (Slobber... Yelp...)

  4. It wasnt me

    Too little too late.

    I choose not to fly Ryanair any more. As do a great number of people I know. I would much rather pay more (much more) to absolutely anyone other than Michael O'Leary or whatever hes called. I would rather give my money to Pol Pot or the Ceaucescu kids foundation.

    The only way I would ever get on one of those planes is if it was towing O'Leary down the runway by his balls.

    Give your tickets away, ryanair, but it wont make any difference.

    Please join Phorm.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Allow an extra £100 quid

    There are so many scams Ryanair pull, it's best to allow an extra £100 a passenger in case you get caught by them.

    A bag can have 15kgs in it, and they *sell* baggage allowance, so if you paid for 3 bags, you think you have 45kgs but actually you paid for 3 bags totally 15kgs! If you had 45kgs of luggage and paid for 3 bags, your surcharge for excess baggage would be £450!

    Then there's the non-transferable baggage allowance. You have 2 people and 2 bags, you have 30kgs allowance? No, you have 15+15. If you have 22+8, then the fee is £15/€15 per kilo, i.e. an extra £105. You have the same weight in luggage, and are travelling together, but there is still an insane fee.

    There's the extra seat trick, pay for an extra seat and you get extra luggage allowance? No.

    1a. You can check in a bag for a fee, but it will cost money

    1b. You can travel with only hand luggage and it is free.

    2a. You can check in at the counter and it will cost money

    2b. You can check in on the web and it is free

    Not mentioned: The combination 1b and 2b are mutually exclusive. If you have hold baggage you have to pay the extra checkin fee.

    Really, I've been scammed by Ryanair myself, unless you're an expert, I'd allow £100 extra per person on whatever price they quote and just expect to be nickled and dimed out of extra money. Potentially a huge amount of extra money.

  6. Piers

    This means that although the ASR has legal force it cannot be enforced.

    FFS! pointless. yes i know they're 'going to get round to it'. still fail.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    pre-ticking boxes


    Why? Because if a price is advertised at 10 GBP, but does not include the additional charges for the extras, then they are illegal as they are not part of the displayed price.... its the same as if you pick up something in a shop with a certain price and then they try and charge you more at the counter.

    Anyway, I don't fly with such scummy airlines. Paying a little extra and getting food and drink on board are worth something, but simply the piece of mind that you are not going to get some random extra charge by an orange skinned character from corrie is worth loads.

  8. neil 15


    Has anyone ever noticed with the cheaper airlines the prices are always more expensive coming back than going out.

  9. Moz
    Thumb Down

    Currency Exchange Scam

    Don't forget the Ryanair currency exchange scam. Buy a ticket from Europe to UK and it's all quoted in Euros. Stick your (UK) credit card number in and it charges you in pounds at an appalling exchange rate. Can you turn this off? Can you f...

    This is entirely against Visa's rules on Dynamic Currency Exchange, but do they do anything to enforce this rule? Do they f...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Neil 15

    "...cheaper airlines the prices are always more expensive coming back than going out."

    fool them

    go out.. and when you're there...go out again..

    jaysus.. some things are so obvious.. and we printed it in big white letters on our white web page to even help youse

    RO (rip-off) Airliens Screwing the Kustomer Depurtmant

    mick' o'liars

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @jeremy 3

    > its the same as if you pick up something in a shop with a certain price and then they try and charge you more at the counter.

    Just as a point of interest, it's not the same as that, because that's actually legal. The price on an item in the shop is, in law, no more than an "invitation to treat".

  12. Anonymous Coward

    @jeremy3 and @ AC 11:56

    Actually Jeremy3 is right

    The price charged as shown on the receipt has to be the SAME OR LOWER than the price on the shelf, if its higher then the customer can complain to trading standards and the fines are big, very big. Only exceptions are "genuine mistakes" such as a litre carton of milk with 3 weeks shelf life marked at 5p (junkie scum tried that trick a few times) or a 50" plasma screen for £5, both of which would be classed as genuine mistakes and unrealistic pricing and thus are not in contravention of the above.

    Also UK law is that prices must be

    1) Correct and consistent (no different prices for the same product within the same store, promotional marked packs are clearly marked as different from normal stock)

    2) Clear and unambiguous

    3) Prominent

    3a) either on the item itself

    3b) on the shelf edge in front of the product

    3c) highlighted on a display stand used only for that product

    I've read the regulations as part of my work and they are very clear on the matter. All it takes is one call from a hacked off customer and trading standards will be all over you like a bad smell.

  13. Jonathan Richards 1

    Legal force => *can* be enforced

    One word: Conspiracy.

    Unless the web design and implementation is done by one person, there must be collusion to get the non-compliant web site on the Internet. Conspiracy to subvert the regulations should be the charge, with the bonus corollary that because it's a common law offence, the possible penalties are unlimited. Well, no hangings, of course...

    Do I need to say IANAL? Really? Oh well, alright. IANAL.

  14. Ian R 1

    @neil 15

    I flew Manchester to Amsterdam one time (not Ryanair, obviously) and it seems that Amsterdam charges planes to take off but not to land, whereas Manchester charges them to land but not take off. Result: no surcharges on the way out but double on the way back...

  15. handle

    jaysus.. some things AREN'T so obvious..

    AC: "go out.. and when you're there...go out again..

    jaysus.. some things are so obvious.. "

    Erm, the whole point is that the prices are not fixed, and tend to rocket as you get closer to the date of travel. So when you're there and need to get back, you're likely to get ripped off.

    As you said: "jaysus.. some things are so obvious.."

  16. Womblewilly


    I object to them being called Irish. The flag on one side of the plane is definitely that of Cote d'Ivoire.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @handle.. jaysus where your sense of humous

    i'll explain agin

    go out to Hamburg (its near our Hamburg Helsinki airport base) as a one way ticket

    and book the Hamburg( Helsinki) leg to home (London Prestwick) as a one way ticket

    go out and out agin as we say

    as for Manchester charging to land and not take-off, it's their way of helping the Manchestiar-nan-nans to emigrate..


  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Have you noticed that RYAN AIR is pronounced the same backwards: RIAN AIR.


    Never mind.

  19. Mark Ruit

    Civil-itic servants

    "The Department for Transport is currently progressing the implementation of the relevant UK legislation, which will introduce sanctions for non compliance but it is unclear when it will come into effect," said the OFT spokesman"

    This sort of Regulation doesn't appear from nowhere - the process takes anything up to two years; but like other areas of regulation -- where I work - the idle, secure-job, inept, final-salary-pension, wasters don't even start to think about the enforcing regulations until the Euro Regulationas are a fact.

    RottenAir has at least another 18 months to go on scamming then.

    A RottenAir ticket isn't even good enough to make a paper aeroplane, and much too scratchy for the only purpose it could be put to.

    [Pingu - because like me he doesn't fly either]

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