back to article FastScale deploys skinnied stacks to EC2

Fastscale, with Composer Suite 3.0 Enterprise Edition, is jumping on the Amazon EC2 bandwagon and wrapping all its goodies into a single package. There are lots of different ways for virtualisation server applications to boost efficiency, and for more than two years FastScale Technology has been trying to sell the idea of …


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  1. Tim Parker

    Apples and oranges

    "an Apache Web server running atop the Linux kernel in about 20MB, as opposed to the 3GB it hogs when you load all the surrounding software that is goes unused as Apache runs."

    3GB of 'surrounding software' to run an Apache Web server on a Linux kernel ? What complete and utter bollocks. Well, expect that not quite what it says... one figure seems to be talking about the process size of a running web server and the other the disk space requirements if you do something close to a kitchen-sink install of Linux - so, to be kind, "what a completely misleading statement". I understand the idea behind the dynamic stack, and the hoped for ease of use to deploy things - but come-on this smacks of being just a sound-bite comment, more suited to a vendor PR release :)

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