back to article Microsoft throws Bing into Hotmail mix

Microsoft has integrated Bing with Hotmail, a month on from the release of its fancy new search engine. The company announced the new feature yesterday, which allows users to add Bing image and video search results directly into Hotmail messages. Redmond had been piloting its “Quick Add” feature in Windows Live search. The …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please ... no...

    This is only about the third "bing" story, and already I feel like gnawing my own leg off by the time I've got halfway through the headline. Why do MS bother with search? An East London primary school class could do a better job and almost certainly come up with a better name.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    More useless

    More useless crud.

    Paris, 'cos even she is aware of the existence of Copy and Paste

  3. Andrew Williams
    Black Helicopters

    For me...

    I think this is another great way for a predatory monopoly to be seen to be leveraging (hotmail) to grow search (bing). Ah well, it probably won't be seen as such, and hence won't contribute to the soap opera of the millennia that is Microsoft's odd presumption that they will rule the computing world forever.

  4. magnetik
    Thumb Down


    How is this any better than simply dragging images from your Google image search into the compose window in Gmail? I wonder how much time they wasted coding this "feature"

  5. Long Fei
    Thumb Down


    Bing annoys me.

    Now China has let me use it that is. Even when I specify English only, it still chucks about half of the results at me in Chinese.

    I'll stick with Goo... er, Yahoo. Can't access Google most of the time either. Bloody Chinese firewall.

  6. Richard 102

    Bing name

    Somehow the name Bing seems perfect for a MicroSoft product. From

    "bing - used to portray prison and/or solitary confinement. Derived from the sound the bars make. "

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