back to article ESA to develop cargo-lander space podule

The European Space Agency (ESA) is to build a space capsule capable of bringing cargoes down safely from orbit as well as taking them up, according to reports. A development of the current "Jules Verne" unmanned cargo module used to supply the International Space Station, the planned Advanced Reentry Vehicle (ARV) could lead in …


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  1. Annihilator

    Ground control...

    to Major Tim...

    Tenner says I'm not the first requiring access to the cloakroom

  2. Tom Paine


    Space geek pedant nazi here, just to point out that "Jules Verne" was the name given to the first ATV to launch and dock with the ISS. "ATV", Automated Tranfer Vehicle, is the correct name for these vehicles. The next one is going to be called Johannes Kepler (not to be confused with the separate Kepler spacecraft, .)

    Yeah, thanks, mine's the one with the British Interplanetary Society magazine in the pocket.

  3. ocsrazor
    Thumb Up

    Dragon possibility

    Assuming Musk's boys pull it off, the SpaceX Dragon capsule should be tested for ISS docking and return by the end of this year. Or so their launch manifest claims. So Soyuz hopefully won't be the only transfer capable vehicle available.

  4. Fragula

    and the pedant of the year award goes to...

    I thought a Podule<TM>was one of them things what you rammed in the back of an Acorn<TM> Archimedes<TM> 400 series.

    Mine's the Anorak with the loose ARM<TM>

  5. Lionel Baden

    oh ffs

    its not that difficult to get to mars ..

    all you need is

    a bigger rocket

    more balls

    presto !!!

  6. Greg J Preece

    @Tom Paine

    Got there before me. :-)

    And oi, Annihilator. Ten quid please.

  7. Graham Bartlett
    Black Helicopters

    Shame that...

    ... all that research on parafoils has apparently been forgotten about. Rogallo's original incarnation of this in the 60s never went anywhere space-wise, although it was eventually "repurposed" for hang-glider and paraglider design. More recently, the X38 design used a parafoil to allow controlled re-entry and soft landing within an amazingly precise target area, and that'd work anywhere with a viable atmosphere (including Mars). But we're still stuck with poorly-engineered space shuttles that need mega-runways, and NASA's "new" designs seem to have wound the clock back to using dumb re-entry capsules under dumb round parachutes that can't land anywhere more specific than "somewhere in the Pacific", or old-stylee retro-boosters that require you to load a whole lot more fuel.

    Don't get me wrong - I don't mind NASA, ESA and the rest spending money on research. I *do* mind when they've spent on a load of research and then thrown away the results.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Timmi Peaki

    chosen as the anouncer liked saying his name...

  9. Andrew Culpeck
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    China ?

    It would be a grate way for China to improve its image aboroad and get more bang for its Yen if it where to get involved in the ISS programe.

  10. TeeCee Gold badge

    Questions potential astronauts should ask. In order.

    This 'ere spacecraft, that's a development of the Advanced Reentry Vehicle, right?

    The ARV is a development of the Automated Transfer Vehicle, yes?

    And the ATV was designed to burn up on reentry.....?

    Can I have my coat now please?

  11. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Ariane 5 maybe already man-rated

    As it was designed to be launch vehicle for the French, er European Hermes crewed shuttle.

    Note that "man-rated" is a very iffy term to use. It is often said that the Shuttle fails NASA guildines on the design of such a vehicle and I don't even know if the European version of them (if they did not pick up the NASA stuff wholesale) is public. I think anything with solid rocket boosters was viewed as a no-no. NASA issues "waivers" so such irritations can be ignored.

    I pressume any version of the upgraded ATV for crew use would need some kind of escape rocket system (as Soyuz has and the new CEV will have)

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