back to article Amazon cuts cost of Kindle

If you’re yet to make the jump from paper books to electronic displays Amazon has an incentive: a Kindle price cut. The online retailer has reduced the device’s price by $60 (£37/€42) to $299 (£185/€214). Sadly, Amazon hasn’t trimmed the fee of its other, newer Kindle model, the DX, which remains a pricier $489 (£302/€350). A …


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  1. Martin

    If they want to broaden it's appeal.... about selling it in the UK?

  2. Matt Brigden

    Easy way to broaden its appeal......

    Release it in the uk you muppets .

  3. Efros
    Thumb Down

    If they halved the price

    Then I might be interested, seems there are too many people out there with too much money to burn to make Amazon think seriously about competing. They have the "unique product, unique price" attitude that is prevalent amongst some manufacturers, I'm sure we can all put the names to them.

  4. Robin Kinge

    I have to agree.

    I've had one for about a year (picked up in the states) and it's great. This needs to be released in UK.

  5. ChrisInBelgium

    Call me old-fashioned

    But... I prefer the feel of a paper book. Anyway, at such a price, can you imagine how many books I can buy at the for that amount of money?

    Just bought 'Digital Fortress' by Dan Brown for € 7.50 - with free delivery. No competition really.

  6. Paul Smith


    I wouldn't expect an early UK release, as there is already stiff competition. It is called the Public Library.

    Mines the one thats overdue.

  7. Andy 73 Silver badge

    Not in Europe

    It seems to me that Amazon are going to have a hard time releasing the Kindle in Europe - though I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

    Euro telcos have seen how successful the Kindle is in the US, and the bandwidth requirement of the supporting network. It wouldn't be at all suprising if they tried to regain the ground lost to the iPhone and Kindle by releasing their own-brand e-books here (with appropriate service contract, kerching!!).

    In the mean time they are protected from Amazon by the byzantine publisher's agreements and tortuous relationships between the various 'national' telcos. That alone will continue to delay introduction of the Kindle. The prospect of a device under their own control would hardly encourage them to come to some agreement with Amazon.

  8. David 9


    You bought 'Digital Fortress' by Dan Brown? You are going to be bitterly disappointed.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ ChrisInBelgium

    'Just bought 'Digital Fortress' by Dan Brown for € 7.50 - with free delivery. '

    In the name of sanity - WHY????

  10. John Ridley 1

    Attn Amazon:

    Remove the DRM and all the crazy remote shut off switches, and open your format up and support other readers, and your business will really take off without your having to lower prices.

  11. Mike Cardwell

    Re ChrisInBelgium

    "I prefer the feel of a paper book" is usually the argument used by people who have never used one of the latest e-ink based ebooks. It really is just as nice to read a book from a Sony Reader as it is to read from a paper book. I've not used a Kindle, but I'm guessing they're similar.

    My Sony Reader came with 100 books. 100 books at €7.50 each would have cost a lot more than my Sony Reader cost.

  12. Stephen W Harris

    @Mike Cardwell

    Your Sony Reader may have come with 100 books, but are they 100 books you want to read? I bought a Bookeen Cybook 3 in Jan 2008 and it came with a bundle of books as well... not read any of them.

    Fortunately Baen have 100s of free books that I do read :-)

    However, for me, the big problem is the pricing of new books. I'm not paying as much for a DRM'd ebook as it costs for the dead tree edition. Well, I won't pay for DRM at all 'cos if the Cybook dies then I'm SOL. But even without DRM the prices should be lower. I still like seeing the dead tree on my shelves; I'd willingly pay a $2 surcharge to get dead-tree PLUS DRM-free ebook.

  13. Imagus


    Why wait for the Kindle? The new Cool-ER looks just as good to me and €225 isn't that expensive.

    Personally I'm still reading on my 10 year old Hiebook. Anyone remember those? No, thought not. Maybe I'd better sell it to a museum.

  14. Jared


    'Just bought 'Digital Fortress'

    I don't know what these other guys are talking about. I think it was Dan Brown's best comedy. The funniest part was where he thought that a 16-bit encryption key was a sequence of 16 ascii characters. Why look up the word 'bit' when it's FAR more entertaining to make up your own definition?

    I would consider the kindle if the cost of the books was far lower than the cost of the corresponding hard copies. It isn't.

  15. Trygve

    Digital Fortress

    I thought the best bit was when the NRO's head security nerd couldn't be reached for a desperate emergency because he had his head in a mainframe fixing it with a soldering iron and let his mobile go to voicemail.

    From an e-book perspective, there are a ton of free books out there that are actually well worth reading, and if you like classics they can justify an e-reader on their own. Actual commercial releases can be a real con, sometimes costing as much as a paperback.

    Dan Brown books would be poor value for money if they were free. I actually read all three when stuck in Wales with nothing else, and I fear my IQ has been permanently lowered as a result. They're a bit like the Jeremy Kyle show in book form.

  16. Mike Cardwell

    Re: Stephen W Harris

    Yeah, I've read about half a dozen of them so far. There's probably another couple of dozen of them that I'll read.

    I can understand that people think the price of e-books is currently too high, but you can't really say they're too high when comparing them to normal books. After all, e-books aren't *more* expensive than normal books.

    You might feel like you're getting better value for money when you buy something physical than when you buy something in digital form, but you're not.

  17. jdlabal

    Amazon, you still suck

    How can they even remotely think about selling this? For the price they're selling it, you get an iPhone or a PDA, on which you can read books just fine...

    Still extremely overpriced IMHO, but surely this is a good move.

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