back to article VMware courts jilted Virtual Iron shops

Any time one vendor gets acquired by another, it's an opportunity for a third party to come in and steal some of the accounts unhappy with that acquisition. Oracle has made VMware's job of stealing away customers using Virtual Iron's enterprise-grade Xen hypervisor for server virtualization a whole lot easier by killing off the …


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  1. DrZarkov

    Some already on free the train to Citrixville

    If you can see your way past the inevitable puns in their posting, the folks at 360 have already put out an offer of free migration advice from Virtual Iron to the Citrix flavour of XenServer about a week ago. Since XenServer is free (baring a few hundred quid in support costs...) I cant imagine there will be too many customers sticking with Virtual Iron by the time Oracle consolidates its virtualization strategy. More about it all here:

    What about Sun's xVM and VirtualBox? Are we headed for a world with only VMware, Hyper-free, and Citrix Xen? Can't believe big blue are content to sit this dance out....

  2. Anonymous Coward

    @ Dr Zarkov

    VirtualBox started out as an open source project prior to Sun acquiring Innotek, and I imagine it will continue to live on as one regardless of what Oracle decide to do with the VirtualBox brand.

  3. Daniel Owen 1


    Virtual Iron had a nice product and the price was fair. I did an eval of virtualization products last year and VI was probably the best bang for the buck at the time (pre Citrix price changes) from a cost for features I wanted standpoint. I work for a SME and that is really where VI seemed to be putting their emphasis unlike VMware who seems to love the huge enterprise and not scale down so well.

    Ultimately I decided that virtualization was too important to the company to place my faith in the hands of a startup that could easily go out of business or get bought. I'm feeling pretty good about that decision now.

    I do find it funny that if you read many of the blog posting from VI's execs from late 2008 it was all VMware bashing. I guess they will have to change that. Actually I’m sure VMware will just fire the VI team since they are truly and completely redundant now. Hopefully a few of the better engineers will get picked up by Citrix or another XEN vendor.

  4. nobody really


    @Daniel Owen 1

    Seriously dude what are you smoking?

    The only thing redundant around here is your 3rd paragraph.

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