back to article Smut downloads pound Japan's 3G network

Japan's 3G network is taking a pounding from porn-hungry users, who are eagerly slurping up capacity to the point that service providers have been obliged to impose limits on abusers of "unlimited" net access packages. According to Bloomberg, DoCoMo and KDDI Corp are feeling the heat, especially around midnight when “heavy …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    People using new technology for porn? Blimey.

    I never would have seen that coming, particularly not in a nation where reading tentacle-rape comics on the subway is considered normal...

  2. James 47
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    On a geek note, this is old news. Porn has always been the biggest use case of the internet (maybe spam has taken over). Seriously... a guy from Motorola told me a few years ago.

  3. Paul Murphy 1
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    A new business model??

    So if I opened up TPB (The Porn Bay) there might be some interest?? I find your suggestion (that people want porn) intrigues me and I would like to know more..

    Oh and by the way I believe it's spelt pr0n.

    I'm sure I don't need to explain the PH


  4. Craig 12

    Over here?

    Sad state of affairs when we're not downloading enough porn for UK ISPs to complain... can you tell how prudish a nation is when capacity overload is caused by too much Eastenders over iPlayer :(

  5. Frank Bitterlich

    "Abusing" their "unlimited" plans?

    Okay, just so I get that right: You buy an "unlimited" data plan, and once you go beyond average use, you're "abusing" that?

    What a great business model...

  6. Charles 9

    Goes to show...

    ...that this problem is not limited to the Western Hemisphere, nor limited to "technologically behind" countries. It's like highways--you can build and build and never have enough.

  7. Jimmy Floyd

    Oo-er missus

    "Tight access?"


    I see no pornographic puns here - move along.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    Why the hell doesn't this make the news in Japan? Why do the national news headlines here include (not kidding) "Man attacks two women with umbrella"? Where is my 2 hour special about the dangers of cellphone porn??

    Sigh, oh well... guess I better go back to panicking about North Korea

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Porn on a small screen

    Er, won't all that watching porn on a very small screen give you squinty eyes?

    Or would that be a very wrong thing to say?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    currency issues

    Why on a UK based site is everything quoted in bloody Yen and Dollars!?!! Since Fred the Shred took us all down the pan I haven't a clue how many dollars are to the pound. Don't get me started on Euros

  11. tuna 1
    Paris Hilton

    Up All Night Honking Me Horn...

    Don't they know "The Internet Is For Porn"?

    Paris, no explanation required.

  12. Peter Kay

    Soft on demand...?!

    I'm sure others may suggest this before me in the moderation queue, but 'soft on demand' is generally not what I would expect as a title of a pr0n site.. What next,

    (ok, upon doing a check it actually does exist, but only as a speculative domain name..)

  13. JohnG

    What crisis?

    "....revenues from its mobile site leap 40 per cent in the year to March 2009 "

    It's nice to see some businesses doing so well in the current economic climate.

  14. Fogcat

    You're doing it wrong

    "One such smutmonger, Soft On Demand, has ..."

    The company name doesn't inspire confidence in the product.

  15. James 12


    Let get this straight.

    With a LIMITED data contract the ISP have to tell you how much you data can download and how much is left.

    But with UNLIMITED, you are still limited but the ISP does not tell you how much you have left or when you will be caped/disconnected.

    And yet you pay more for UNLIMITED.

    So the Japanese’s version of OFCOM is also a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes

  16. Chizo Ejindu

    Err Beavis?

    Hur hur... traffic swells... hur hur hur,,, tighter access... hur hur

  17. smudge

    Soft on Demand?

    Surely it should be Hard on Demand? Or even Hard-on Demand.

    Paris - no explanation required.

  18. this

    sophisticated handsets are contributing to that growth


  19. thomas k.

    sophisticated hands are contributing to that growth

    Oh, erm, *handsets*. Well, nevermind, then.

    Mine's the one with "I'm watching pr0n on my cell" on the back.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Craig 12

    Dude, you do not want to be anywhere near Japanese porn... Half of what goes for porn there will put you on the sex offender's list in EU or USA.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    I knew there was another reason

    @ 13:36 GMT & 15:34 GMT

    Why I ♥ Japanese Culture so much >^_^<

  22. kain preacher

    Anonymous Coward 15:34 GMT

    I'm with AC 15:34 I've heard of stories of people coming back state side with Japaneses comics and customs flip out.

  23. Henry 3
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    “A mobile is far handier than a computer for internet access - I seldom use a PC outside the office."

    Why hasn't anyone made the connection that mobile phones are mini netbooks?

    Paris, cuz she's so purdy.

  24. lifelesspoet

    The porn problem has only one solution

    The Japanese needer a bigger pipe.

  25. Johnny Canuck
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    What the internet is really for


  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Two girls, one cup...

    ...on a phone with a projector (

    If anything is going to get you arrested, it's that.

  27. darrin allen

    manga porn

    I hear manga and japanese anime are popular also

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    you do not want to be anywhere near Japanese porn

    Erm, yeah, sure I do. not sure I can afford it and don't have broadband and a mobe to download it to; but I'm sure I could make out the salient details if I tried really hard.

  29. Peter Murphy

    I couldn't get into this article at all.

    I got lost at "eagerly slurping".

  30. Darryl

    I'm impressed

    It took almost an hour for someone to complain about the use of Yen and Dollars in the article.

  31. DannyA


    In 1998, Japan was the world's biggest producer of child pornography and Parliament recently refused to pass a law banning the production of child pornography, citing "business reasons."[8] Under American pressure, in 2003 the Japanese government changed its child pornography laws to match those of the west, however it failed to curtail the industry.[9] However today the law permits people to possess child pornographic images if they have no intention of selling them or pass them on to others.[10]

  32. Marclol

    Guess what first iPhone Streaming apps are

    Porn ! Ok not apps because Apple won't allow them but for example is a web app that you can install as a standard app (or even anonymous password-protected one)... and what's even worse for networks is that it uses new HTTP Streaming protocol... so carriers can't filter it unless doing deep packet inspection ! This is just the beginning I guess

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