back to article Google remaps interwebs real estate listings

Google has juiced its efforts to bypass Craigslist and other real estate classifieds sites, adding a new property-listings search contraption to Google Maps. This morning, with a down-under blog post, Google announced the addition of direct real estate listings to the Australian incarnation of Google Maps, and a similar …


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  1. Noel Coward
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    For once, thank you Google

    This is very welcome if it facilitates private sales in Australia. The two big real estate sites here in Australia are hand in glove with the big real estate agents and have created an artificial situation where it is very difficlt to sell yor house privately. Down with .au and they are both useless ad infested services run by estate agents for estate agents. Good on you Google I'm not surprised is not cooperating, they must be pooing their pants. Funily enough both these sites have used Google mapping services to geolocate their wares for years, wonder how long that will continue.....

  2. h4rm0ny
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    Ethnic breakdown

    I just tried it out to see properties in the USA and found that estate agents over there list the ethnic breakdown of the area as part of the property details. That's disgusting.

  3. IR

    Bit late

    They've had this for over two years in the US. I used it to find several houses I looked at, including the one I bought in early 2008.

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