back to article Projector-phones due by Christmas?

Viewing videos on your smartphone's tiny display may soon be a thing of the past, replaced by your phone's ability to project that video onto a screen, wall, or even a friend's shirt. According to a report on Monday by Taiwan-based market-watcher DigiTimes, mobile-technology-and-more manufacturer Foxlink has begun …


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  1. 2FishInATank

    Let me guess....

    The marketing tagline will be "It's well weapon" q.f. Nathan Barley.....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I call rule 34

    The ability to project a pair of comedy breasts onto your friend's shirt, anyone?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ah but,

    What is the max diagonal screen size? Will this be the new craze after LCD/OLED screens? Forget P*rn on the iPhone. Now you have have it all the wall.

  4. Simon Buttress


    Forgive me for being a dummy but I've just got back from working in South Korea and mobile phones with projectors have been on the market for over a year across there. Are we THAT slow at picking up new tech from Asia?

  5. Slipgate
    Paris Hilton

    Oh good, another thing to drain my battery...

    I like the idea, but, as with my iPhone, because I have more things I can do on it, the more I have to charge. Battery technology needs to do some catch up. And before I get flammed for having an iPhone, I'd rather have it as slim as it is that a fat brick.

    @Simon, sadly we are that slow. I was in Japan a while ago and when almost everyone there had colour phones, we, the UK (and I guess a lot of Europe) were oooing and aaahing about being able to have them. C'est la vie - but you need to remember people have to be prepared to pay for these things. I've been in Germany a lot and the last time I checked, most mobile phone contracts were a minimum of two years, hence the technology lag.... (dunno what it's like in Japan for contracts)

    Paris, cus she's not fat...

  6. Ben Smith
    Thumb Down


    Agreed. The main reason I have to avoid a SmartPhone is that my need for a mobile phone is strangely enough to be able to call people whilst on the move. Having a laptop with a 3G card I can generally access the Net whilst out and about, but of course Skype doesn't work that well on 3G. I had one phone (one of the earlier Three ones, an LG model) that required charging all the time, which was a complete pain. Never again will I get a phone that requires charging more than every 2 days, no matter what it offers. Which rules out the iPhone for me, especially with lack of ability to swap a replacement battery in.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    one off the wrist

    in the bathroom at work just got better.

    Mines the one with the tissues in the pocket.

  8. M man

    makes iSense now!

    Foxcon makes the iphone!

    @slipgate ..magic.

    however the comment about power drain vs battery is a very valid one, I have all off the iphone/clones amoung my friends and collegues and all complain of power drain, G1,magic,iphone,nokia , etc start running a few apps, turn on wifi and the battery life goes through the floor.

  9. JB

    The bus to work

    First we had crap music through tinny speakers, now here's something else the effin schoolkids can piss us all off with on the bus to work. I say make these projector phones age-restricted, that'll teach the effers!

  10. Hugo 1

    Psion's Symbian projector phone from 2001

    Have a look at the 2001 Symbian/Psion concept prototype shown in the top right of this pic:

    The Psion Halo is basically a complete 3G phone built into a headset, and has no screen but instead projects an image onto a flat wall, and uses voice recognition. Not much privacy though...

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Utterly pointless bloat and gimmickry...

  12. Benj
    Paris Hilton

    For the love of humanity......

    ......think of the teachers.

    The mental breakdown inducing humiliation of having a cock and balls projected onto your back every time you turn to write something on the black/white/digi -board.

    On the other hand.....

    How cool would it be as a child to be able to project a cock and balls onto your teachers back when ever they turn to write on the black/white/digi - board?

    ./Paris. Cos she's had a few things projected onto her over the years.

  13. jubtastic1


    The probability of Apple releasing another iPhone or a Tablety thing with a pico projector before Xmas is zero.

    I don't think you'll see this in next years iPhone either, unless there's a major advance in battery tech it'll be swish new design, double the GB, OLED screen & cameras plural.

  14. Anonymous Coward


    won't there be a new industrial injury caused by teachers unpredictably leaping three feet to the side to catch a glimpse of the obscenities shone upon them?

  15. Anonymous Coward

    train pr0n

    yup, and the chavs and trailer trash will project their pr0n clips onto the roof of the train carriage or your white office shirt!

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Breast is THE answer

    "By Mycho Posted Monday 6th July 2009 18:44 GMT

    The ability to project a pair of comedy breasts onto your friend's shirt, anyone?"

    Thank you. I've been cracking my brain what for this could be used. Not for consultants etc as they can use better dedicated projectors. Watching movies on the move? Where to project the picture?

    Comedy breasts is the answer.

  17. Chris 211

    A tiny projector - Yeah!

    I am a caver and abandoned mine explorer and our community would love a tiny projector and some blue tooth speakers to run an underground cinema without lugging tonnes of equipment though tight tunnels. Imagine the sounds echoing throughout the chambers and the image high up on a flat limestone wall in pitch black. The French have already managed an underground cinema in the Paris catacombs.

    For them that moan about having to charge the battery every 2 days try picking a phone with a decent battery size, like the nokia e71 with its 1500mah battery.

  18. Tony Paulazzo

    Glasses not projectors

    That's what we need. A pair of those video glasses, pref. 3D. Phones are personal media devices, not public information outlets.

    After reading the comments, my first thought (in a not icky way) was kids projecting naughty images of themselves thereby getting every adult on the bus arrested for watching child porn.

    And yea, battery life really should be their holy grail, not more bling.

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