back to article Panasonic TX-L37V10 LCD HD TV

The first manufacturer to launch TV sets with integrated Freesat, Panasonic moves things on again with its 2009 Viera range. On paper, the TX-L37V10 is appears to be everything you’ll need for living room viewing – a satellite and terrestrial TV with a network media player, and access to Internet services such as YouTube. For …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Plasma? LCD?

    From the text I can probably infer that this is an LCD panel.

    However, nowhere in this review does it actually mention what the panel technology so that dummies like me don't have to go searching to find out what an IPS panel is.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Travel Channel?

    There's a bunch of free to air channels on the Sky EPG that are not on the Freesat EPG. Why?

    There is no special decoder needed, they are free to air, yet not listed on the Freesat EPG, on some decoders you need to switch modes to get them (e.g. Humax switch to the free to air mode and then watch the programs, but never in the EPG).

    Does this TV let you access those channels?

    Whats the deal there, who stops the channel being mixed?

  3. jonathan rowe

    HDMI PC Input

    Just returned a panasonic to richer sounds (under threat of court action), it cropped the edges of the ouptut from my HDMI HTPC. Rang up panasonic support and they confirm that a PC can only be attached via VGA, and PC input via HDMI is not supported. Swapped for a Samsung which has a menu option to give full screen without cropping. So be careful, always try before you buy!

  4. Sam York

    @ AC 8.56

    Er, it clearly says LCD in the title...

    (apologies if El Reg has corrected this in light of your comment, I can't remember what it said when I first read it)

    Anyway, as an owner of a 32LZD85 (the slightly older 100Hz model with no Freesat etc) this looks very interesting with the extra features, although I doubt I'll be upgrading so soon after purchasing the other one. My Viera has one of the best pictures I've ever seen on an LCD TV, both for SD & HD content, so I can easily believe this will be as good as or better.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @Plasma? LCD?

    The title of this review is: Panasonic TX-L37V10 LCD HD TV

    Happy to help.

    This is something I would really like to have when we finally get rid of our CRT. I'd love to be able to watch HD stuff on freesat without having to shell out £10 a month to Virgin!

  6. Anonymous Coward


    or just youtube?

    I know what I watch...

  7. richard 69

    is it just me....?

    or is freesat a bollox idea?

    a satellite dish to watch hd when it's coming to freeview?

    i'll stick to my humax pvr thanks....

  8. Anonymous Coward

    @jonathan rowe

    Yep Pana are crap at PC input. they claim VGA yet it wont support any useful resolutions that way either (1024x768 IIRC and a widescreen format only supported by 1-in-a-million graphics drivers) then that input is displayed 4x3 unless you strech it with the aspect ratio.. then in order to use it to view a film or somethign you have to change the player aspect ratio to squash out the pana strech.. fcking usless..

    Steer Clear!

    goggles cos of pana-eye-syndrome

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but at least you can create a favourites selection.

    Ermm yeah thats right! but as soon as there are 'new chanels' and a scan is perfomed everything is wiped! so you 'Can' Create favorites EVERY two weeks or so.... Very annoying.

    steer clear << seems its becoming a popular saying with panasonic.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    @ richard 69

    You do know that *when* HD comes to freeview it will need new decoders (and a higher spec processor etc) meaning a NEW box/tv...

  11. David Paul Morgan
    Big Brother

    How do you..

    ... access ITV HD programming in FreeSat.

    I have an earlier 37" Panasonic with Freesat and I must say the pictures from BBC HD, Virgin and Blu-Ray/PS3 are truly stunning.

    I've heard rumours that ITV have HD content on FreeSat, but I can't work out how to access it. Is there a trick to this?

  12. David Paul Morgan
    Big Brother

    Not a Bo**o* idea!

    > a satellite dish to watch hd when it's coming to freeview?

    for various reasons, many people will not be able to access broadcast FreeView, therefore the only logical approach for people not in a conurbation will be to access HD programming via satellite - either Sky Digital or FreeSat. I reused my old Astra/Sky dish rather than fit a new TV antenna.

    (Big Brother, cos with the big viewscreen and the PlayStation 'eye' we now have two-way monitoring in our living rooms!)

  13. Sam York

    @ AC 11.21

    AFAIK the reason that the VGA (well, technically HD15) input on a lot of TVs is crippled to sub-HD resolution is through pressure from content owners/creators, as VGA obviously does not include the facility for HDCP.

    For the commenter above (jonathan rowe), my 32LZD85 displays full 1080p resolution absolutely fine using a DVI-HDMI lead. Took a bit of fiddling with graphics card settings, maybe you didn't quite hit on the right one.

    Allowing you to mix the RCA audio input with video via HDMI is a nice touch though, mine can only use the HDMI audio when you're on a HDMI input. Doesn't really matter to me as I use an external amp anyway, but I appreciate the feature being included on this one.

    @ richard 69: please spare a thought for those of us who live out of range of Freeview reception, and do not wish to further enrich Rupert Murdoch.

  14. Tony Smith (Written by Reg staff)

    @David Paul Morgan

    IIRC, ITV HD content is broadcast on an as-and-when basis rather than as a separate channel.

    Push the red button to activate it when a programme says there's an HD version.

  15. Scott Mckenzie

    Free to Air vs Freesat

    Sadly, they're different.... there are channel on Freesat that aren't on Free to Air satellite too - silly isn't it!?

    As for Freesat it's a great idea, Freeview getting HD is the biggest con as none of the current Freeview TV's will support it, so everyone is going to have to buy a new box... or just get Freesat now and not worry about it.

    I also wouldn't bank on Freeview HD being rolled out UK wide for a while, there simply isn't sufficient bandwidth as it stands, Freesat doesn't have that concern.

  16. Peter Ford
    Thumb Down

    Still missing one thing...

    My LG TV has a built-in hard disk recorder, so I can do all those PVR tricks without needing a separate box.

    Now that, combined with a twin freesat tuner and twin DVB tuner and all those other input modes would be pretty much complete

  17. Sam York

    @ Tony Smith, David Paul Morgan

    Yep, entirely correct, it's done on a 'red button' basis where HD content is available.

    I think, but am not certain, that the Freesat EPG includes an icon to indicate that this is the case for a particular program, but I can't currently check as I am at work!

  18. John Whitehead


    I looked very closely at this machine before deciding that time shift capacity is crucial. I eventually bought a fairly basic Freeview TV (Toshiba) and an HDsat enabled PVR (Topfield). It's not as elegant as the TV that can do (nearly) everything, but it does mean that I can watch what I want when I want. Will trade up when Panasonic adds a hard disk to the already impressive spec.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Integrated Freeview receivers will be a bit of a burden next year, as more of the general public will start wanting to do DVB-T2, as Freeview HD becomes available in more than the pilot transmitter areas.

    Hopefully, by then, the Humax and Topfield PVR offerings will be reasonably mature- early commercial availability of consumer T2 receivers ramping up slowly in the second half of this year and all.

    Paris, because.. well, why not?

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