back to article Firefox 3.5 patch coming soon as Mozilla cranks up downloads

Mozilla Foundation notched up five million downloads in the first 24 hours after it released Firefox 3.5 earlier this week. The open source browser maker also confirmed it would be bringing out version 3.5.1 soon to squash bugs its development team hadn’t managed to eradicate ahead of the launch. Mozilla’s security patch is …


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  1. Roger Barrett


    Is anyone else having problems with restarting after changing themes? (I'm running it on XP) It seems to shutdown, but I have to finish it off in Task Manager and then restart it again.

    It also seems alittle more sluggish than what ever the version was I had before, and why do we know have those little "+" marks on the tabs, they just take up excess room.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Typical headline grabbing shite....

    ...Wow look we made the (delayed) deadline, we are so great...look at us, we are so good.

    granted we could of held on for another month to release a less buggy version...but hey look we shipped on schedule...

    So they are saying basically, 5 million people have wasted there time downloading a buggy version as they will now have to update in one ,onths time....

    This is why I hate headline grabbing twats!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Typical headline grabbing shite....

    Thats why I stopped using Firefox, the almost weekly security releases. It's worse that IE...

    I moved to Opera and never looked back. I get the occasional update, but nothing bothersome, and the full Opera download with tonnes for out-the-box functionality than Firefox was only 7MB.

  4. John Ridley 1
    Thumb Up

    That's why I USE Firefox

    ...the weekly updates. At least they update when there's a bug. IE, OTOH, just lets exploits sit for months without doing anything about it. I'm happy to see the browser updating. They've made it almost totally painless, I just get a small delay on startup once in a while for patch installation.

    I don't mind this kind of behavior either (shipping with known bugs, patching later). These are not show-stopper bugs. If you held a ship for every bug, you'd never ship anything; there are ALWAYS known bugs. The difference is that other vendors wait until the next major release to fix them instead of giving them to us when they're available.

  5. Andy Moreton

    re: re: Typical headline grabbing shite....

    "Thats why I stopped using Firefox, the almost weekly security releases. It's worse that IE"

    hmmm... perhaps Mozilla should only release updates once-a-month (on a Tuesday, for example) to make it appear Firefox has fewer security holes.

    Seriously, why is fixing security issues quickly a problem?

  6. Mike Joseph

    Crash after crash

    Wish I had not updated! I just want something that works.

    Will give up and use Opera or IE.

    This sucks.

  7. Jacob Reid
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    Love it

    They finally gave us features to completely disable that completely shit URL bar.

  8. Susan Ottwell

    Those little + marks

    Those little + marks are for opening a new tab. Not everyone finds this useful; as a web developer I use it all the time.

  9. Susan Ottwell

    New Tab button botheration

    And if that little + mark to the right of your tabs really bothers you, here's how to get rid of it.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    One rule for one...

    Funny how the fanboys were foaming at the mouth when bugs appeared so soon after IE7 was released.

    It's also funny how the focus of the fanboys has shifted from Firefox being more secure than IE to how quickly firefox is patched compared to IE.

  11. Martin 71 Silver badge

    More bloat, unfortunately

    I originally moved from Mozilla Suite to FF because it was 'smaller and quicker'. It's gradually got more and more flashy and bloated. Yes, it's still a good browser, but really, do we NEED curvy buttons, an 'awesome bar' (although the functionality of it searching your bookmarks admittedly is useful) and so forth. Also, I regularly have to kill it using task manager, it can sit there for a good 10 minutes after being closed, actually still running. Much of the slowness is due to the web2.0 badgers' paws etc.

    The security updates, not an issue for me, I have it set to notify me on all updates and ask, I briefly glance to see what it's doing and ok it. As mentioned by Andy Moreton and John Ridley, it's a positive thing, and anyway, you can tell it to update silently if it annoys you that much.

  12. Jon Cutting


    3.5 has decided to "improve" the display of some png files to the point where they have changed colour. Hoping a fix for this is included......

  13. Robert A. Rosenberg

    Slow 3.5 Compatable Plug-Ins Release

    I have test driven 3.5 and like it better than my 3.0 BUT I use Plug-Ins/Add-Ons that their creators have not yet released 3.5 version compatible versions of yet (or at least ones that show up when 3.5 starts up and issues its "Not 3.5 Compatible" warning message only to offer to look for 3.5 versions and not find one). One I was able to fix with a copy on the creator's web site (there is a 3.0-3.5 version that I installed that has not for some reason made it to the "Official" site yet). Most, if they exist, seem to require me to track down the creator's site to see if they have 3.5 copies yet (hopefully compatible with 3.0 so I can install now and not get into a version situation where I must force reinstall a plug-in when I switch back and forth).

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What's that?

    OK... so I have been retired a few years, but I still read the Reg; I'm not entirely insulated from jargon!

    BTW... my 3.5 problem... first load after a boot takes ages, quite a lot of that time displaying just a white rectangle (XP, SP3).

  15. Anonymous Coward

    re Typical headline grabbing shite....

    Really!? Didn't make the News at Ten.

    Typical commentard bollocks. So a largly volunteer dev team release a product with known bugs. They have managed to release a patch within a few days. I'd say that's good work. Compare and contrast that with the approach of the largest software manufacturer in the world(tm). Doesn't matter how you dress it up, or down, Firefox is still better than "Internet" Explorer - even with these bugs. FF works fine on my Windows 7 based laptop. Look, it's free. No-one is forcing you to download and install Firefox. If you really want to use MSIE, you can, although I'll never fully understand why anyone would want to - especially given all the HTML 5/CSS 3 chatter that seems to be around at the moment.

  16. Tom 106

    Shame on Mozilla scoring an own goal.

    The release of 3.5 is nothing better than a RC release, the amount of issues and bugs raised since it's release last week is increasing day by day (or so it would appear, when you read the mozillbugs and the forums).

    Myself and a number of others have now rolled back to 3.0.11, and I for one will be waiting until reports from the masses that 3.5 is actually stable, safe and enjoyable to use, in addition to my choice of plugins being compatible too.

  17. swsnyder

    re: png?

    That's likely the color management scheme, disabled by default in v3.0 and now enabled by default in v3.5.

    The values for preference gfx.color_management.mode:

    0 = Disable color management.

    1 = Enable color management for rendered graphics.

    2 = Enable color management for tagged graphics only.

    The pref is set to a value of 2 by default in FF v3.5.

    Some related bellyaching:

  18. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart


    @Susan Ottwell and the tabs

    I always used <Ctrl><t> to open a new tab, this "+" shite is just bloatware.

    More seriously though I "upgraded" to 3.5 which meant I also had to upgrade NoScript and AdBlock as well, now the whole effing thing just kills my PC, NoScript stopped some of the functionality on one website I use a lot despite allowing all scripts on the site, and I am swamped with "slow or unresponsive" script messages referring mostly to AdBlock.

    If 3.5.1. doesn't fix it I'm going to do a M$ upgrade and move back to an earlier version..... or use Opera.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Simon Banyard

    Sorry, but you don't get to use the "It's free, what do you expect" argument. This prevents any FOSS from being adopted by any large company. FF is presented as a serious alternative to any other Internet browser, for the production company to release a version with known serious bugs in order to meet a self imposted deadline is lame, you wouldn't accept it from MS, Apple, Sun or IBM, so it's not good enough from any serious piece of FOSS. End of.

  20. Robin

    @Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    "Susan Ottwell and the tabs"

    Now there's a great band name if ever I heard one!

  21. Eddie Johnson

    Their download numbers are being influenced... the unavailability of 3.0.11. For at least the last 3 days, if you go to and attempt to download US English version you are redirected to the FF 3.5 page. British English is available as are others I spot checked but the ENUS link sends you to 3.5. Cheaters.

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