back to article Kentucky payroll phishing scam nets small fortune

A gang of cybercrooks has made off with $415,000 from the coffers of Bullitt County, Kentucky following the conclusion of an elaborate phishing scam, The Washington Post reports. Crackers in Ukraine are reckoned to have stolen a county treasurer's login credentials using a Trojan keylogger before using them to transfer funds …


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  1. kissingthecarpet

    They were either naive or desperate for dosh

    or both, to sign up for forwarding cash like that(using your own account!) - its so obviously bent, like someone asking you to "carry something through Customs". If you want to wire people money, you don't normally need to hire people to do it for you, do you? Unless, of course, you've got something to hide......

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Who To Blame?

    Will it be the county treasurer who was cruising the internet and opening email of dubious origin, the IT manager who failed to enforce security protocols, the IT kid who didn't update the AV software, the two women who didn't use the "too good to be true" rule, Career Builder for not doing a basic check of clients, or all eastern Europeans who will be the scapegoats in this mess?

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