back to article Ford talks up the e-car's future

Ford has laid down some ambitious plans to grow the market penetration of its electric vehicles over the coming years. Ford_escape_plugin_hybrid Ford's Escape plug-in hybrid: just one of the many e-cars it hopes to shift in coming years Nancy Gioia, Director of Ford's hybrid vehicle program, said the company expects leccy …


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  1. richard 69

    a truck is still a truck...


    a van is still a van


    a ford focus is still a ford focus whether it's petrol/diesel/electric.

    come on ford, redesign the whole vehicle. don't use un-sold stock with a different power method.....

  2. Martin Lyne

    @ Richard 69

    Actually, no Ford, *do* use unsold stock, that's far more environmentally/economically friendly. Also means we get real safety features not quadracycles.

    Best way to improve EV penetration? Cheap, high quality.

  3. adrian sietsma

    @Martin Lyne

    "Best way to improve EV penetration? Cheap, high quality"

    So that rules out Ford (US) and GM then.

    Ford Europe may have a chance.

    And safety ? At least Ford's electric SUV's won't catch fire when they roll over...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    radical idea......

    ....instead of building more powerful batteries, quicker charging etc etc....

    Wait for it...

    make the vehicles lighter....Shock horror.....

    I know it's crazy, but shedding 500kg of weight WILL result in better performance from current technologies....

    Aluminium space frames, composite bodies, alloy wheels, ceramics etc etc...get rid of steel and pig iron FFS

  5. LuMan
    Thumb Up

    @Martin Lyne

    A good point. Using unsold stock willl mean Ford won't be stinging the punter in order to recover development costs of more Ford vehicles that still look as naff as the current lot. Better still, keep the shape, but use more composite materials. Lighter, bouncier cars are much more fun*!

    * Yeah, I know, until a truck comes, blah, blah, blah!

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