back to article File data to balloon sixfold by 2012

The Enterprise Strategy Group is forcasting a sixfold growth in file archive capacity, from a little over 10,000PB in 2008 to 62,000PB in 2012. An ESG survey, asked respondents what they considered important when buying network-attached storage (NAS) systems. The top attribute was power and cooling-efficiency, with 75 percent …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    .....given that efficeincy of storage means consequent reductions in disk and therefore power and cooling requirements, de-dupe shold be higher on the list? Maybe it was the way the survey questions were phrased, but de-dupe (third highest importance in the survey results) would seem to be a big driver of efficiency (second highest), so a more carefully crafted survey might have seen efficiency - including de-dupe - as the number one priority. There also appears to be little consideration of ease of management or multiple device management, unless that was bundled into the efficiency measure. It would be so much easier to gauge these surveys if they published more data on the survey group and the questions asked. Anyone got a copy of the survey?

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