back to article Bing slips into bed with Twitter

Microsoft has added Twitter messages to some search results in a desperate attempt to snatch some market share from Google following the launch of Bing last month. Redmond’s revamped search engine has indexed some popular Twitter pages using the all-talk-no-trousers site’s public API. “We picked a few thousand people to start …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Bing is a bang

    Still not much better than google and yahoo.

  2. Fractured Cell

    Why do i have to have a title?

    "Little one says 'roll over'"

    'Cos I've found the lube.

  3. richard 69
    Dead Vulture

    desperate attempt?

    or just moving with the (social networking) times?

    if businesses can hijack every type of social networking site in an attempt to advertise/promote products, then why not enable them is search engines?

    is a search engine just for searching websites?


  4. Efros

    One wonders

    who brought the Vaseline!

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Detailed analysis seems to indicate that this idea came in a dream to a junior member of the Microsoft "Clutching at straws" department.

    If I wanted to know when/if my favourite celebrity was having a dump then I wouldn't turn to Bing, I'd simply kill myself immediately.

  6. Anthony 3
    Paris Hilton

    Compare the Search

    I've got it all figured out, using meerkats and everything.

    It has taken me six months of not leaving the house or watching television but I think I could pull it off.

    The first meerkat says to the second meerkat "Bing is pointless posturing" and the other one says "But it indexes Twitter."

    The first one says "Ah yes but I'm going to nobble them by Tweeting about how rubbish Bing is. Easy eh?"

    And the second one could reply "Simples".

  7. Mike Richards


    They're working under the assumption that indexing Twitter comments will make for a BETTER search engine???

  8. ElReg!comments!Pierre
    Thumb Down

    Ah, the desperate MS efforts...

    ... to try and appear to be relevant. Everyone knows they are still around *only* because they bribe the OEMs into shipping only windows machines.

    @ Richard 69: "is a search engine just for searching websites?" oh c'mon. The major search engines are now all close to useless because on any vaguely popular subject they will return 5 pages of half-arsed blog posts _before_ the relevant sites. Hey I know, let's add twitter messages, what could possibly go wrong? Why not add MSN (or live whatever) traffic too?

  9. Geoff Kennedy

    Search Overload?

    ok.. in the States, M$'s Bing campaign is all about "search overload" and how Bing is a less of a search engine, and more of a "decision" engine.. whatever the hell that means...

    Now they are adding Twitter to search results? uhm... Yes.. I consider Twitter an important tool for making decisions.

  10. Charles Calthrop

    a good start

    I think it's a good idea. Google itself admits its real time search is rubbish - usually if I want to find out online why ten ambulances are racing down a road, I have to wait for google to index a newspaper who contacts the emergency services for this to show up normally. If a search engine could index as well, it would be great. the one thing which would be interesting is that most twitter posts are so banal I wonder how it would affect relevance. If I search 'iran' and get updates that way; good. If I search iran and found out some celeb went to an iranian restuarant: bad.

  11. Benny

    I don't twit

    so I dont know how it works, but do you not have to accept people to see you tweets?

    And how does one opt out of having said twits repeated across the web?

  12. Candy

    So I understand what MS is doing here...

    But I don't quite see how it qualifies as an act of desperation.

    Enlighten me...

  13. ElReg!comments!Pierre
    Thumb Down

    @ Charles Calthrop

    "usually if I want to find out online why ten ambulances are racing down a road"

    Why would you even think of doing that is way beyond my poor imagination. You must have far, far too much time in your hands. But if you really want to find out in near real time, you can tune in to the police frequencies. Of course that's not actually permitted, but if you don't interfere who's gonna find out? And that way you will have the real info, not some wild ramblings by attention-craving webwhores. In any given situation where 10 ambulances race down a street, I can already tell you what you'll find on Twitter:

    "OMG a plane crashed on $LOCAL_BIG_BUILDING" =40%

    "OMG a gang is shooting pregnant women in front of Wall-Mart": 30%

    "OMG they discovered a nest of flu-infected zombie swines in the sewers and the "pandemic" is spreading": 30%

    Real explanation ("A bus missed a turn and 10 people have light bruises. One might even suffer from nosebleed."): 0%

    Yeah, that's a "good start", as you say. If it was a start, that is. It's more like a good step further the "please wave your hands in panic and shout "we're all gonna die" at the slightest evidence that something not 100% good might have happened" road. Good ol'US.

  14. Fred 24

    Google beat them to it!

    For as long as twitter has been around Google will return twitter pages that fit the search.

  15. Chris King

    Where's the story in this ?

    Two non-entities snuggle up to each other in a vain attempt to become relevant.

    I can't even work out which one is "mummy" in this scenario...

  16. Charles Manning

    @Chris King


    Do you really think either bing or twitter will last another 9 months?

    Joining Zune with Cuil makes more sense.

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