back to article Unisys to build its own stealthy cloud

Unisys may have not taken over the world as either a system maker or an outsourcer, but it's a player in both markets and it doesn't want the move to cloud computing to leave it behind. That's why Unisys is dedicating an 800-person consulting team - about three percent of its 27,700-person global workforce - to a cloud- …


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  1. Graham Gold

    All well and good but...

    When will they update their CIFS/SMB implementation in their NX/Services windows integration product for MCP, or start keeping up with RFCs for TCPIP etc? Always rushing to develop and market their latest baby but don't keep the basics up to date on existing platforms! Which as a customer of theirs is bloody frustrating!

  2. Solomon Grundy

    Enough, the Polls have Spoken

    I would like to have the term "cloud computing", or "cloud" anything stricken from the El Reg lexicon except when referring to the puffy things that float about in the sky please. It's a new name for the same goal hardware and software makers have been aiming at since the '60's (or earlier).

    Even polls conducted by (or at least available on) El Reg prove that "the cloud" is a stupid marketing gimmick. Whoever invented that term should be shot right now. Barring the execution of the marketing worm that came up with that term can we just stop using it?

    Instead of letting "trends" drive El Reg, why doesn't El Reg do its part?. You guys are supposed to bite the hand that feeds IT - now get to it and come up with a suitable name to replace "cloud" with.

    Can we have a reader poll on a new term?

    P.S. I use the "your foster parents are dead" icon because it's weird and I'm not exactly sure what it referrers to. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

  3. Barry 13

    Sounds like a crank phonecall

    Classic: "Let's start with the funny bit, something that Unisys calls My Secure AaaS"

    Has someone been watching Porky's too often? Hopefully no-one will be able to penetrate My Secure AaaS. We wouldn't want My Secure AaaS infected with viruses.

  4. Jacqui

    GIF Patent

    Correct me if I am wrong but unisys are the kind folks who forced the world+dog to remove compression from GIF's. You cannot forget or forgive such dirty tricks.


    "Maybe someone can explain it to me."

    Your foster parents are dead is one of the governators lines when he speaks to the liquid metal terminator using John Connors voice asking if the dog "wolfie" is OK - when the dog is not called wolfie.

    IMHO the GSD (dog) was the best actor in the whole film :-)

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Softly Softly ....... Do not disturb the Monkeys

    "Instead of letting "trends" drive El Reg, why doesn't El Reg do its part?. You guys are supposed to bite the hand that feeds IT " .... By Solomon Grundy Posted Thursday 2nd July 2009 01:41 GMT

    Seconded, Solomon Grundy. Anything less reduces the mag to a rag and a shadow to dodgy forces although you cannot blame them if thirty pieces of silver have been exchanged/are being exchanged to keep a certain view or certain views in vogue or other views out of Sight and Inquiring Minds.

    IT is a very Powerful Subliminal Weapon whenever it is Beautifully Crafted and Wielded 42 Beta Manage and Change Global Perceptions is it a Special Sort of Super MKUltra Sensitive SkunkWorks/SwampWorks to the Fore of Covert and even Clandestine Operations ..... "And for the XXXXPerienced Great Games Player and IT User"* ...... Feeding IT that bites the hands of Systems is always going to be an Intelligence and Judgement Call with goodness knows how many conflicting facets to try and satisfy rather than maybe challenge and question.

    All one can do is Continually Mentor in such situations as rely on Third Party Semantic Participation for First Party Publication.

    * An earlier submission here [Posted Thursday 2nd July 2009 08:37 GMT] which didn't quite make the Cut/Grade, in Order to Pass Peer Review, but No One is at Fault whenever the System is to Blame for IT, although that is not to say that No One is at Fault whenever the System doesn't Change because of Faulty Peers.

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