back to article Siemens axes 300 UK staff at tech services arm

Siemens is slashing 300 jobs at its IT services operation in the UK. The company told staff in an internal memo, seen by The Register, that it planned to cut loose 100 ops division roles, 160 project management and consultancy jobs, and 40 finance and head office staff. “It is anticipated that the majority of the reductions …


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  1. Joe K

    Yeah, right

    "will drive a greater emphasis on its global portfolio and skill set"

    Translation: India.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @Joe K

    Siemens Bracknell includes a call centre. Seems to be about right, the guys doing the work there are barely trained monkeys running of a badly written script adding a new Dehli accent isn't going to make much of a difference to end user services. I have worked for a service partner and I have so say, it's a shame to see jobs lost but their consumer products, especially the desktops, we can do without. Siemens are committed to checking the boxes at minimum cost without considering for what that *really* means for customers,

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Bracknell has no call centre anymore. All the 1st line teams are pretty much in Maidenhead, Durham and Manilla. They've just spereately sacked 35 from the BBC's Bristol office, as it cheaper to employ 20 northeners in place of them!

    Mine's the one with the redundancy letter in the pocket...

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