back to article NASA patches Endeavour's leaky plumbing

A successful fueling test conducted today on space shuttle Endeavour's troublesome plumbing has cleared the way for another launch attempt July 11. Endeavour's mission to the ISS was scrubbed twice last month due to safety concerns over a leak found in the shuttle's hydrogen vent line that connects to the shuttle's massive …


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  1. Steve X

    They must be mad

    This is the spacecraft that explodes if a sealing ring leaks, burns up on re-entry if hit by a bit of foam on takeoff, and now they expect to launch a crew because they *think* they've *patched* a leak in an explosive gas line!

    They really couldn't pay me enough to get onboard that...

  2. Steve Hall 1

    thats one expensive extension....

    i was thinking that that is a hell of an expensive extension. Tax dollars working to the max....

  3. simon 43

    @Steve X

    They could pay me nothing (except a return air ticket to Florida) - I'd be on it tomorrow

    In miles flown there must be massively higher risk getting on the 'plane at Heathrow than crewing a Shuttle mission?

  4. Riscyrich

    @simon 43

    Agreed, strap me in I'm good to go....

    I call shotgun BTW - I acknowledge this is in direct violation of standard shotgun rules

    TBH I'd be happy to just push the big red 'launch' button - I don't imagine there is one of course, but it would be cool if there was. Think I've played too much Half Life :-)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @Steve X

    "They really couldn't pay me enough to get onboard that..."


    "The International Space Station (ISS) is both cozy and complicated according to American billionaire Charles Simonyi, who paying more than $20 million for a trek to the orbital outpost."

    I'm off to fight simon 43 and Riscyrich for a free boarding pass

This topic is closed for new posts.

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