back to article ChiPhone snagged by trademark snafu

Apple's ongoing efforts to offer its über-popular iPhone to 1.3 billion Chinese has hit yet another snag - and this time the snagger is a Beijing-based graphics tablet manufacturer who happens to own the trademark on the term "i-phone." Computerworld reported on Wednesday that Hanwang Technology, which sells its products under …


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  1. Cameron Colley

    iI iLove iiMania.

    Hopefully Apple will have to give them a few million. iI iDo iHate iThe iShite.

  2. Chris C

    Is it a phone or a computer?

    "Apple, however, submitted its trademark application to cover only computer hardware and software. Hanwang's trademark applies to mobile phones and video phones."

    Apple will probably try to argue that the iPhone is a not a mobile phone, but is a handheld computer which includes the functionality to place and receive phone calls. You might be inclined to agree after seeing the price tag. And after all, it's a circuit board with a processor, memory, storage, and input/output. Isn't that what a computer is? The lines between device types have become increasingly blurry as the years progress and the devices gain more features.

  3. Fab De Marco

    Just rebrand. It's only one country...

    and make it something that slaps the face of the offending company..... the iWang maybe?

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