back to article World's first in-cinema interactive 3D game inbound

O2 has a treat in store for cinema goers: the chance to control a 3D spaceship in what’s claimed to be the world’s first in-cinema interactive 3D videogame. Skyjacker_02 The audience controls a 3D spaceship using their hands Rolling out across 20 UK-based Vue cinemas from 10 July, O2’s Asteroid Storm will allow seated …


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  1. adnim

    OK So I am cynical

    No doubt this will be shown first, followed by 30 minutes of advertising then 20 minutes of trailers before the main feature. The novelty may well wear off quickly and cinema goers will forsake the awesome pleasure of waving hands in the air in order to avoid the pain of 30 minutes of adverts.

  2. h 6


    Id like to see what happens if the audience does the wave!

  3. Mike007


    i can see a couple of possible outcomes:

    1. the audience won't give a damn and will just chat to each other about this annoying rubbish they are being forced to look at while they wait for the film they paid to watch

    or 2. everyone will randomly stick their hands up and it'll just swerve all over the place

    there is no 3

  4. James O'Brien
    Paris Hilton

    I Cant Wait

    How long till someone gives the ambiguous motion for jerking off and the ship plows into the planet?

    /PH Because shes had lots of stuff plowed into her

  5. R.E.H.

    Audience fail

    Having seen this tech in action before (, I can tell you right now- that spacecraft is *doomed*.

    Trying to get the audience to coordinate their motions in any sort of sane way is like herding cats.

  6. darrin allen

    that sounds cool.

    But I think I have already seen this. When I was a kid I used to go to this amusement center that had something similar. It was about a 10 foot screen and you played a space game there.

    But I guess the in-cinema screen will have better graphics and a larger 3-D screen

  7. Chris C


    That is perhaps the most retarded thing I've ever seen in a cinema. And that's saying a lot. Seriously, what's the point? When in a cinema, you're always aware of at least a handful of people whom you would kill if it were legal to do so (people yelling, talking/texting on their phone, playing with their phone/handheld, people who bring babies to an 11:00pm showing, etc). And now O2 expects that people will voluntarily pay money to be stuck in a room with a couple hundred other people who have to work together in order to achieve a desired goal? What a monumental waste of money.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    A 'gaming server'?

    Fail for use of that term. I didn't even know it WAS a term until now - and with any mercy in this unjust world, it never will be again...

  9. Annihilator

    @Chris C

    "When in a cinema, you're always aware of at least a handful of people whom you would kill if it were legal to do so"

    'would'?? 'if'??

    Whoops... my bad

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Excellent, now griefers get to ruin my cinema visits as well

    although the game sounds rather rubbish, much like pantomime dame geeing up the crowd to make more noise. Still, I suppose it's good to see those infra-red cameras being put to a use other than piracy detection

  11. Captain DaFt

    And then,,,

    When the audience realizes that the sooner the ship crashes, the sooner they get to the main feature... BOOM!

    (@ R.E.H-Yes, you can get total audience participation, IF you give them incentive!)

  12. Benj
    Paris Hilton

    Wave your hands in the air like you just don't give a f...

    How long until one side of the audience blames the other for crashing the ship. The escalation of hostilities between the two halves resulting in a mass brawl spilling out into the foyer.

    The sobbing heartbroken child clinging onto the limp, lifeless, nacho cheese covered body of their parent. The now seemingly tragic Ice Age intro with the squirrel chasing a nut, projected pointlessly onto a half torn, bloodied screen in the background.

    O2 don't do it.......Just think of the children.

    /Paris. 'Cus she clearly feels upset by the sadness of it all. Even though she probably doesn't fully understand what a 'feeling' is.

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