back to article Vodafone said to be mulling T-Mobile UK bid

Vodafone is mulling a multibillion-pound swoop for T-Mobile UK, according to a report. T-Mobile UK's German owner Deutsche Telekom has appointed JPMorgan to advise on how to offload the business, The Financial Times reports. Talk of a Teutonic retreat from the British mobile market intensified last month when T-Mobile UK's …


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  1. jeffrey 1


    Hopefully the competition commision will kill this deal. It would be bad for the consumer for voda to be so large.

    It would be better for 3 to buy them out, or hell even tesco's.

  2. David Neil
    Paris Hilton

    In addition...

    Virgin Mobile piggyback on T-Mobiles infrastructure, so they in turn would be dependant on Vodafone playing fair - Can imagine Ofcom having a few words to say on the matter

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    one2one was a great brand. T-Mobile is not. R.I.P.

  4. peter garner

    Well hopefully

    .. they'll ditch Vodafone's web site and use T-Mobile's instead. I used to have endless troubles with Vodafone and escaping to T-Mobile was a breath of fresh air.

  5. Matt Hadfield 1

    Doesn't this mean

    That they'll buy it for £1?

    Seems to be how all these deals go.....

    I'll give em £1.50

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No takeover

    Personally I dont want this deal to go through.

    We have just appointed a new MD for the UK and want to see his ideas for turning the company around. The financial crisis is hitting our core market (pre-pay) hard and this will turn around in time.

    With the spectrum auction / allocation coming up, if T-Mobile can secure a sizable chunk of lower frequency, it will certainly help ensuring wider coverage - especially in buildings and rural areas.

    Sure there are other issues - need to improve our handset range, have more competitive price plans just to start. We have a great 3G network and need to bring up other pillars of our service in order to take back more market share...

  7. Rob

    @AC 10:04

    I hope your right , I've been on all the mainstream networks in the UK and in my opinion T-Moble has given me the best service and value for money, but to echo your comments I think their mobile phone range is starting too look very skeleton especially considering the fairly robust 3G network and the brilliant web'n'walk tariff. As it is my next phone upgrade wn't be done through T-Mobile but a 3rd party instead.

  8. Robert Forsyth

    Virgin Mobile would seem logical

    a company with a cable network.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 10:04

    If your new MD is the one that has destroyed T-mobile's previously very helpful and high quality customer services then god help you.

  10. Nathan 13

    Anyone but 3 pleeeeese

    Been with T-Mobile for over 10 years now and not had one issue with them.

    But if 3 buy them I will be leaving like a shot. They are not just the most incompetent telephony company in the world, but the most incompetent company in the world full stop.

  11. Rob


    It would seem logical, but Virgin generally seem anything but when it comes to quality control and customer service.

    I still wish a plague on all Bransons houses (brand names)

  12. RegReaderInLancs

    Re: @AC 10:04

    Been with T-Mobile for 18 months now, more or less since I came back to the UK after 24 years abroad.

    Coverage is indeed excellent and there's a comprehensive HSDPA network there.


    Packet data is important to me, which is why I'm on a web'n'walk plus deal with a 3GB allowance and streaming allowed. And this is the reason I just jumped from T-Mobile to O2. Even though I get a full 3.5G signal on all 4 of the phones I've tried this with, and the packet data connection is established, no data actually flows half the time. When it does, it's sometimes slower than GPRS (ie., forcing the phone to GSM mode results in faster data). If it does speed up to a dizzying 300 or 400kbps, it'll run like that for a minute, cut out for 30 seconds and then start again. This makes streaming wholly impractical.

    O2's coverage is less impressive than T-Mobile's, but at least the data connection works.

    Oh, and I have loads of contacts throughout Europe, none of whose networks have agreements with T-Mobile UK for MMS reception. T-Mobile UK users can only send MMS messages to users of SFR in France. Users on all other networks simply receive an SMS (in English so they can't read it) with a link to a page on and a password. With O2 (and any other network in the UK for that matter) I can just send an MMS and the recipient will receive an MMS. T-Mobile customer service spun me some cock and bull story about how they have roaming agreements with Orange and Bouygues as well, and how it should therefore work. How stupid do they think users are? Anyone with half a brain knows that this has nothing to do with roaming agreements and I resent T-Mobile thinking that I _don't_ have half a brain.

    My number is being ported to O2 this week.

  13. Soruk

    Not 3...

    The suggested joint venture would be with 3's parent company Hutchison Whampoa, the people who owned Orange in the days when they were a good network with loads of unique features (e.g. Everyphone). Anyway, nobody can be as incompetent as 3.

  14. Gilbert Wham


    Fuck! I owe Vodaphone a bloody *fortune*! That's the whole reason I am now with this wretched phone company. Can't Orange buy them?

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Please Buy It

    Go Vodafone, then maybe my TM 3G mobile dongle will connect to 3G for more than 5 seconds before switching to GPRS

  16. W

    For balance,

    I'm very happy on 3, thanks, and have been for a couple of years now. Their store staff deserve a mention for being much more friendly, knowledgeable, and just plain personable than many other pushy phone sales folk.

    No company connections, just a satisfied customer.

  17. Graham Lockley

    Aw Sh*t

    Was looking forward to going back to TM when my current contract expires with the bunch of incompetent t*ssp*ts and thieves that use a fruity name to distinguish themselves expires. I hope TM stay away from Voda et al coz they are the only company not to have p*ssed me off by their incompetence or greed.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    T-Mobile UK should not let any other company take over

    As a unimpressed vodaphone mobile phone customer (after been stung to many times), and recently a new T-Mobile mobile broadband customer, I personally hope that T-Mobile UK would not let any other fat cats take over their UK business. T-mobile is currently offering the best value mobile broadband service in the UK (specially for people who cannot get normal ADSL broadband due to long distances from the telephone exchanges) and I would happily recommend the service to any of my friends or anyone else out there looking for mobile broadband (both for home or business use).

    Certainly there are certain issues with mobile broadband connectivity that may put people off such services (this problem in fact afects all of the companies out there providing such mobile services) but I got to say that I have personally manage to overcome such connection issues (hint: a bit of google search and you also should be able to find the solution for such connectivity issues (hint: the more people know how to resolve the issue the more busy the network usage becomes, hence why I'm not making it public how to resolve the issue, sorry)).

    I got to say, from experience in today's cross border shopping, German companies are much more customer focused then all the UK fat cats put together. I hope word of mouth will help T-Mobile grow in the UK and be able to survive this dificult times... maybe T-mobile should just give existent users a free month usage for each new customer they can bring onboard to the excellent pays as you go mobile broadband service they currently offer(£15 pounds unlimited downloads(fair usage applies, but not hidden charges like the rest of the fat cats).

    Thank you T-Mobile, Keep up the good work.

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