back to article HSBC online banking hits another wall

HSBC customers are still struggling to access the banks' online service after we reported on Friday that the company was having technical trouble with its system. The Register has heard from plenty of disgruntled users of HSBC’s online banking system this morning, who find themselves still locked out of the service. El Reg …


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  1. david willis


    Looks like I'll have to go into the local branch and deal the APPALING customer service that has become indicative of the worlds most incompetent bank.

  2. Pink Duck
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    HSBC woe

    This HSBC customer is currently on day 54 of an ISA transfer, from HSBC (variable) to HSBC (fixed-rate).

  3. Geeks and Lies

    One day...

    My name will apear on an el reg tip off :(

  4. Mike Gannon

    No problems for me

    I was on this morning and it worked fine for me

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Left High and Dry

    By Honkong and Shanghai (Banking Corporation)

  6. Graham Bartlett

    OK for me

    Strange. I did my monthly accounts yesterday morning (both company and personal), and everything was working fine. If it's gone a bit wrong, I'm glad I did it when I did!

    And David, if you think HSBC are bad, you really haven't seen anything until you've seen Barclays in action. I can't fault the Barclays branch staff - they're always great. But their outsourced Indian helpline staff are the biggest bunch of incompetent, unhelpful, uncaring and just plain stupid wastes of oxygen that I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. I've nothing against Indian helpline staff - Microsoft have their helpline in India, and I've always found them to be helpful. But I do object to the losers which Barclays have hired on the cheap from the Bangalore Special School for the Disastrously Inept. I wouldn't even recycle them as Soylent Green, because they clearly don't contain sufficient nutrients for proper development of brain cells.

  7. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge
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    First Direct.

    Did all of my internet banking for the month without issue today.

  8. Jon 83

    @ Mike Gannon

    Me too. Worked perfectly.

    I thought the problem was fixed...

  9. imposter

    I'd go easy on Indian staff Graham.

    Most are just following a script and are being paid too much (by local standards) to risk devating from their rigid script. What I'm saying is, blame the script writers and upper management.

    That said I liked the line about soylent green.

  10. This post has been deleted by its author

  11. hi_robb

    Huge Shower Bloody Clowns

    Or HSBC for short

  12. Linbox

    Failed first thing, OK later on

    Was throwing 'internal server error' messages first thing this morning, but was right as rain by mid-morning.

  13. AchimR
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    Worked fine for me...

    ...this morning, no probs at all.

    Didn't even think about the outage, forgot about it ;)

  14. Gareth Hughes
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    Fine for me

    Have been on and off all day as I'm in the process of merging my wife and mine's accounts to a joint. Been moving money and paying bills and no problems at all!!

    Maybe lucky?!?!

  15. Nick Jenni

    Causes and effects - HSBC online

    24 June: HSBC brings business banking to iPhone: Global bank HSBC is now offering its business internet banking services to UK customers using the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

    26 June: HSBC online banking goes off the wall: Many HSBC customers are currently struggling to access the company's online banking system.

    Doesn't take a genius to work out why there are problems. New capability rolled out. No roll-back plan. Inadequate quality assurance.

    What's astounding is the lack of holding page and problem handling. It seems as if management are in denial.

  16. Daniel Wilkie

    Fail again

    It was down yesterday a bit of the morning for me. Internet banking being down I can cope with though - much more of a problem was a few weeks ago when EVERYTHING packed up, including card authorisations, just as I was in a petrol station.


    Card - Declined, Cash Point - Exceeded daily limit - wtf, telephone system - unavailable, internet system - unavailable.

    And before someone points it out, yes I had money, and no I hadn't withdrawn anything that day

    Then 4 hours later, all back up and running. I phoned them and they said it was the first they'd heard of it...

    This was despite people I know all around the country who bank with them and had the exact problem at the exact same time.


  17. Anonymous Coward

    No problem

    just bank with first direct instead.

    But the real question has to be whether they are blaming it on the boogie. :)

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