back to article Titsup airport express lane biz may pawn flyer data

Defunct American airport security lane service Clear said on Friday it may sell its sensitive customer data to a similar provider if it's authorized to do so by the US government. Before Monday, the Clear program promised to rush customers paying $200 per year through the diabolical gauntlet that is America's airport security …


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  1. Winkypop Silver badge
    Big Brother

    It's CLEAR to me that.... should NEVER give your PI to a private company.

    Hell, I baulk at giving my personal details to the Government. (and for good reason)

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    SS#, work History


    All you need to set up a few extra credit cards? New bank accounts? Unsecured loans?

    Any of these potential bidders based in Nigeria by any chance?

  3. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    So it begins

    I know our personal info has never really been anything more than a commodity, but I suppose it was only a matter of time until this sort of thing started happening, given the world economy and the need to claw back every penny when a company goes under.

    We all assume that some git has not already snagged a copy of the info and it busy flooging it on some nefarious little forum somewhere at $10 an ID!

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Data Protection?

    This is why the UK's ICO has no teeth. The DVLA sells our details even though they are subject to the data protection act.

    Looks like the US is now following our lead of selling out its own people.

    Yes i have opted out of the NHS database & i will opt out on any more of these "Your data is subject to the data protection act, but hey, we're only gonna loose it or sell it anyway".

  5. Richard_L._Kent_Esq


    The term of art is "Defunct" or "Bankrupt." The term "Titsup" in a media headline is inherently offensive.

  6. Michael 28


    Sounds like a precedent is being set here, especially for US travellers flying into the Schengen zone. pity Britain and Ireland aren't part of it!

  7. James O'Shea


    titsup is offensive mostly to the kind of people I enjoy offending.

  8. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    All your data belong to us.

    That is all.

  9. Martin 6 Silver badge


    "Defunct" or "Bankrupt." have specific legal meanings which differ (or may not exist) in different legal jurisdictions - it would be technically incorrect to call many insolvency states a bankruptcy.

    Everybody understands what 'titsup' means.

  10. frank ly

    @Martin6 re.Titsup

    "Everybody understands what 'titsup' means."

    Does it mean "tits up" - flat on its back; or does it mean "tit sup" taking (or being in need of) external nourishment? It apparently means both in this case but does it always mean both?

    More explanation is needed along with cross references to other usage in mainstream literature.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    titsup titsup titsup

    Titsup is not offensive.

    The erosion of civil liberties in the name of "security" is what I call offensive.

  12. Alasdair S

    Nothing new here

    A similar thing happened to me when Visual Cafe went to the wall - my email address (a unique one only issued to VC when registering a trial version) ended up in the hands of spammers.

    I can only assume VC's contacts list was sold as an asset to the highest bidder. Opting out from email campaigns when providing my email address made no difference. Be very careful of what data you pass on to private companies, especially ones not bound by the UK's data protection laws.

  13. DZ-Jay

    Re: "Titsup"?


    You must be new here. Welcome!


  14. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Richard L. Kent Esq

    To whom?

  15. Anonymous Coward


    I'm offended by your opinion that 'titsup' is 'inherently offensive'. It's not.

    As I clearly have a different opinion to you, your use of the term 'inherently' is bollocks.

    BTW, I think the term 'titsdown' more accurate - in water 'titsup' is fine, 'titsdown' is drowning/drowned.

  16. Jeffrey Nonken


    "The term "Titsup" in a media headline is inherently offensive." you.

  17. proto-robbie

    Re "Titsup"

    ...Only to a DickKentsian. Would "Ars over Tit" defuse the muse?

  18. OkKTY8KK5U

    Titsup, cont'd

    If you find viewing the word "titsup" in a headline offensive, perhaps you should reconsider whether the internet is an approprate place for you to be hanging out. And everyone else should possibly reconsider whether you should be permitted any grown-up responsibilities.

  19. John Tserkezis


    I find that you find "titsup"' offensive, offensive.

  20. Matthew 4
    Thumb Down


    wiped or just "deleted"?

    What's the bed a few HDD's full of peoples details will find their way onto ebay or some such.

    Yet another reason not to give out your personal details to a private company.

    What I hate most about biometric "security" is that once it's compromised it can't be changed which is why I still thing that PIN's, documents etc are the safest, most reliable forms of security - if they are broken they can be CHANGED.

  21. skeptical i

    Most ppl who bought this service ...

    ... would probably have VERY tasty credentials (e.g., income, occupation); the temptation to sell it to some presumably high bidders would be great indeed. Those of us too poor to partake at least dodged that particular bullet.

  22. gollux


    Giving up the kind of information required for a highly detailed background check to a public company in exchange for frivolous conveniences.

    Not likely most employers that require such knowledge before hiring will reveal it, but you might as well post it all on facebook when you give it up as a customer in exchange for being serviced, oh, wait, most people do now, I guess. Sucks to have no sense of self preservation, doesn't it?

    George Carlin was right about the definition of servicing customers after all. Quit being enablers!

  23. Anonymous Coward

    @ Richard Kent - you may be in the wrong place


    By Richard_L._Kent_Esq Posted Saturday 27th June 2009 12:26 GMT

    The term of art is "Defunct" or "Bankrupt." The term "Titsup" in a media headline is inherently offensive.


    Then, Mr. Dick L Kent, I suggest you get your media headlines exclusively from the Wall Street Journal and such like, and stay the **** away from El Reg.......

  24. James Woods

    par for the course

    Anything related to our government (the US government) is a joke when it comes to your security. It's no different then unlisted telephone numbers here. I moved my service from a VOIP provider for whom didn't list me anywhere and I never got 1 unsolicited call. I switch to a verizon landline with a private number and no more then 2 days after moving I start getting calls to switch my long distance.

    Gee I wonder who sold my number, the company that was calling me wouldn't tell me how they got the number and instead kept going in the "are you on the do-not-call list direction". Being that I never got a call prior to this and i've had this number for a long time Verizon sold the #, plain and simple.

    This relates to this airline stuff because you know the information will be sold. When companies are in business of mining data they gain an upperhand over everyone. I don't fly so I don't know how useful a service like this was or is but im glad I don't have anything tied up in any of this.

    Our government sends tax documents to you with your full social security number on them, you send them back with your full social security number. If you apply for a passport they take your birth certificate and mail you a new one. That's all very secure, I have such faith in the us postal service, I only wish it were a publicly traded company, I hear it's doing so well financially.

    I always laughed when the left would criticize Bush for the wiretapping and what-not, like that's our biggest problem over here wiretapping. I could careless who listens to my calls but I sure as heck don't want people with my drivers license #, passport and credit information.

  25. Adrian Esdaile

    I'd love to know...

    ...what some of the Reg's female journalists think of the increasing yob-ishness of El Reg.

    There are a few women in the IT industry you know, it isn't populated entirely by football players.

    It's getting annoying.

  26. Matthew 3


    Well I find people who append 'esq' to their names to be offensive.

    I occasionally deign to overlook such behaviour in the young and/or ignorant so Bill S Preston needn't worry...

  27. Astarte

    Tits Up - Bottoms up to that.

    I first heard this expression in the '60s. It was voiced by a senior RAF officer describing the state of aircraft or aircraft systems. It refers simply to someone or something dead or incapacitated and laying on its back. I suppose 'Breast Up' would be considered stupidly sexist. I’ll raise a glass to its survival.

    Compared with the vocabulary often seen on these pages this is a very mild expression and far less offensive than some of the appallingly foul language, grammar and atrocious spelling spouted by would-be experts on every subject under the sun. Some of the worst appear to come from people who post a comment without the courtesy reading earlier comments in the thread.

    Keep it up Reg – it’s still a good read and informative, once the wheat has been separated from the chaff.

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