back to article Seagate shines under Luczo's law

Luczo's law seems to suit Seagate - it's just raised its quarterly revenue guidance. Since ousting Bill Watkins six months ago in January, and retaking the CEO reins, board chairman Stephen Luczo has reshaped Seagate, cut costs, and regained 2.5-inch drive parity with Western Digital, if not leadership, positioning the company …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Not impressed

    After the 7200.11 debacle (which left me with a dead boot drive and a lot of downtime) , it'll be many years before I risk buying another drive from these clowns!

  2. Fragula

    Who cares?

    After the "seagate snubs linux" insult, and the crappy reliability of recent product, its obvious the rot extends through Seagate.

    So it is not relevant to me or my companies, we now shop elsewhere.

    Shame.. My ST-506, ST-412 and both ST-225s are /still/ working, reminding me that Seagate were a great company. Once.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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