back to article Google Android code goes native

Android developers can now slip native code into apps written for Android-based devices using Google's new native development kit (NDK). The Android 1.5 NDK, which was announced Thursday on the Android developers blog, doesn't actually allow developers to run completely native code on devices. Instead, it supports adding …


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  1. DZ-Jay

    Native code or Native-ish?

    If I understand correctly, this is a novel definition of native code. By definition, native code is executed by the processor. However, it seems that this native-ish code is still going to be executed by the virtual machine, or will the virtual machine, upon encountering it, pass it verbatim to the processor for execution?


  2. Petrea Mitchell

    Is it just me...

    ...or did anyone else read that as "Dalek VM" at first?

  3. Forename Surname

    RE:Native code or Native-ish?

    I assume the reg screwed up the meaning, and in fact what happens is that a java app running on the VM can call into native C/C++ libraries that get compiled to ARM/Thumb/whatever..

  4. Matthew Ellen
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    interesting news

    The android platform is looking more attractive, I wonder how long until we'll be able to merge native and non native code in the same application?


    The reporter has made a grammatical error in paragraph 4, line 1. There is the substitution of 'there' with 'their'.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    I'm also puzzled?

    I love embedded C/C++ development. I love java development. But I've never seen anyone merge the two paradigms successfully. I hope that they can make it work but I'm skeptical.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But I thought Dalvik was native

    I'm sure I heard a nice man from Google call Dalvik "Native java", I missed what he said next because I was trying to get my head around that contradiction in terms.

  8. dgp

    Where's the news

    Java - Has had the ability to interface with native libraries for a long long time.

    ARM - Some ARM chips can actually execute Java bytecodes..

    Big whoop.

  9. Joe Burmeister

    Does anyone else feel uncomfortable about Android?

    Android looks more and more like lock in to me. I feel the Linux world is not going to benefit much from Android, and Android is only going to benefit a little from Linux.

    The best I can see coming out of it is that Dalvik turns out to be a better ./Net/Mono without the MS dangers. Which could only be a good thing, finally taking the Java dream of write once run anyway main stream. Being able to replace bottle neck VM code with native code can only be a good thing, it just needs to be able to be compiled on other platform as easily as possible.

    Moblin looks more to my taste, full little Linux (including a X server), so can run anything I want, providing it compiles for ARM. If Dalvik is truly open, it could also run on Moblin.

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