back to article Spanish court in favour of topless celebs

A Spanish court has ruled that celebrities exposed by the country's jub-hungry tabloid press must accept that they're a legitimate news target for the cameras, whether they happen to be wearing a bikini top or not. According to El Mundo, the Civil Division of the High Court has overturned a 2003 decision in favour of former …


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  1. GrahamT

    item 6)

    What's the big deal with boobs? You see one, you've seen them both.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Ashaming to be honest

    Just because she's a semi celebrity shouldn't mean fat pigs are allowed to publish photos and make money on her back.

    They want a photo ?

    Fine, cough up for it.

    Photos taken during public events such as Cannes Festival or movie promotion tours are a thing.

    Photos taken while invading someone else's privacy are another.

    Would YOU like your topless photo on the frontpage because your tits are of "general public interest" ?

  3. Dazed and Confused

    A No 3 please

    3) Nothing in this world fills me with greater rage than celebrities whining about invasion of privacy. As soon as you agree to a photoshoot for your own self-publicity then you have signed a Faustian deal in which you essentially belong to the media and the public at large. That's all there is to it. I have spoken.

    If someone wants to get their kit off in public then they need to understand that it is IN PUBLIC. I'd support their right to do it, but they can't complain about then being watched.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You missed one.

    "I for one welcome our Boobie loving Appeal Court Judge Overlords"


    PS - can we have an Overlord Icon please? And an Icon request Icon? fs!111!

  5. Jon 83

    #4 for me




  6. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Gran Hermanos

    Is there any country in the world that doesn't have "Big Brother" inflicted on it? It's about time the UN started taking it into account in their "quality of life" scale.

    (un)RealityTV : -100points

  7. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse
    Thumb Up

    I think a NSFW would have been appropriate.

    Still, nice tits. Who is she again?

  8. Big-G


    What the flip has this to with IT, Sci. Tech or anything of relevance to our stumblings?

    You seem to have mistaken me (for one) for someone who gives shit!

    And another thing......... I'm seriously considering starting a campaign to make The Reg a Celeb Free Zone. Anyone else with me?

    How about the tag line: Ignore a Celeb today! Go on try it!

  9. D@v3

    RE: AC 10:45

    That's the point though, the photos are not invading any privacy, because they were taking in a public setting.

    If said photos were of here laying topless/naked on her bed, taken through a window with a mega mega mega zoom lens, then yes, that would be invading privacy, but these were taken on a beach, where there are many other members of the public who were able to see the subject in 'it's' original context.

  10. Elmer Phud


    "enjoying the beach without a bikini top"

    Apologies to all - I read that in a fake Spanish accent.

    I shall go and castigate myself now.

  11. Holdfast

    Hooray for Boobies!


    and back to work...

  12. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: WTF

    Here's an idea, Big-G - why don't you try refraining from clicking on any story with words like 'celebs' and 'topless' in the headline?

    Alternatively, if you'd like, we can create a special version of the Reg just for you which we'll send to your inbox promptly at 9am each morning which contains nothing remotely amusing, frivolous or unconcerned with matters of consequence. Would you like that? And a biscuit? You may have a biscuit. Would you like a biscuit?

  13. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

    #4 here

    I can hear Chris Griffin in my head...

  14. Andy 16

    "In the public interest"?

    I'm with Terry Pratchett on this one.

    There's thing's that the public are interested in. And there's things that are in the public interest, which the public aren't interested in (but perhaps should be).

    This is definitely the first one, not the second.

    I mean: if she's walking around like that in public, fair enough. But it's a bit rich to call it public interest.

  15. Ed Courtenay

    @Sarah Bee

    Got any hobnobs?

  16. Dr. Mouse

    lazy me but...



    I will add that if these celebs are stupid enough to take their tops off where ppl can photo them, they deserve it plastering all over the tabloids. If they dont want that to happen, keep your top on! It aint rocket science!

  17. Doogs


    Unless she's an Amazon...

  18. Raspy32


    Can I have a biscuit?

    Although I'm not complaining about the lack of IT angle in the story, considering I clicked on it specifically because it mentioned the word "topless".

    Oh and @GrahamT:

    I disagree.....I don't think you can ever see too many.....

  19. CD001
    Thumb Up


    The Bee has a sting in her tail today - go Sarah, go Sarah ... etc :)

    Aaah - but the question is, does being the moderatrix of an online IT red-top put _you_ in the public domain? ... Hope you are (or not)* holidaying in Spain this summer!

    * depending on your perspective

  20. Marc Savage

    ref : y Sarah Bee Posted Wednesday 24th June 2009 11:12 GMT

    Got out of bed on the wrong side this morning ?

    However i do agree with your sentiments

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Sarah Bee

    >Would you like a biscuit?

    Are you insinuating that certain commenters of this illustrious periodical indulge in public school boy type games whilst taking a sly gander at the front cover of the featured magazine?

  22. Lionel Baden 1


    can i get a biscuit please as well

    dont worry about the email im fine with boobs

    But please everthing should done in the proper proportions

  23. Sarah Bee's Love Slave

    Did someone mention biscuits?

    Sorry, my ears just pricked up. Topless women are one thing, but biscuits are another matter entirely.

    If Big-G doesn't want it, can I have it? And if so, can you e-mail it to me?


  24. Edwin


    Hmmmm.... Custom El Reg fresh in my mailbox...

    Can I have Big-G's boobies then?

    Wait - that didn't come out right.

    *claws eyes out of skull at the mental image of Big-G's boobies*

  25. Martin Lyne


    Front cover(age) was, sadly, not worth the risk of clicking it at work, more Jubs!. All the superiors are elsewhere today anyway. So no *actual* risk.

  26. Charlie Clark Silver badge


    For this kind of story you need some kind of autocommenter - image maps spring to mind. You don't we actually read the text?

  27. Dave in the States
    Big Brother

    Make mine an 8 please...



  28. frank ly
    Thumb Up

    @ Sarah Bee re. Re:WTF

    I'd like a biscuit please. How do I go about getting one? (Do they have the El Reg vulture stamped on them? Those would sell, go for it, I wont even charge you for that brilliant idea, just send me a complimentary packet).

  29. Sir Sham Cad

    Illegal? Of course not.

    But surely, and I'm no expert in Spanish law, but surely if you splash that picture across the front cover of your rag in order to sell more copies she's entitled to some payment for commercial image rights?

    Sure, the celebutard loving public may find this lady's norks newsworthy and a tits-n-giggle article is probably fair game in that context but to plaster her picture all over the front page surely has to go beyond the boundaries of *ahem* celeb exposé and into commercial (advertising) use?

  30. nsld
    Paris Hilton

    The IT angle

    is of no consequence.

    If the nerds and nerdettes only want hard tech stuff can I suggest they stay locked in there basement knocking one out furiously to some odd japanese manga stuff and leave those of us who can and do appreciate the finer female form to enjoy a fine rack displayed in a beach setting.

    Paris, lets see her rack on a beach

  31. Eponymous Cowherd


    Ah, well, breasts are an excellent model for explaining class hierarchies, inheritance and interfaces.

    There is still some debate as to whether jubbly is a subclass of booby or whether it should directly inherit from the 'breast' base class. Most should, of course, implement the IFondleable interface.

    See, everything has an IT angle.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Easy solution

    Look like a normal person and nobody will want to see them anyway.

    And yes, I am something of a biscuit man myself, I just hadn't realised the slang had spread into British English yet.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    Put away those fiery biscuits!

    that is all

  34. SmallYellowFuzzyDuck, how pweety!

    Biscuit tag!

    Ms Bee has said it now, we need a biscuit tag

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    4), 2), 1), 4), 4), 4) .....

    Oh and if it's biscuits we're after can I have one of those marvellous "Register Platinum Cookie" (s) please

    PH Cos she'd never been seen topless.

  36. Dyason
    Paris Hilton

    Slight amendment

    The only thing missing from that picture are boobs big enough to motorboat - by me!

    Paris, because hers you can definitely motorboat.

  37. Parax
    IT Angle

    WTF II

    Yet to see any decent BOOTS in the Bootnotes section...Very Dissappointed.

    This Moderatrix person is leaving too much to the imagination.

    ps. can I haz biskit too?

  38. Cameron Colley

    Another vote for a NSFW warning.

    Yes, I know it says topless but articles like this generally have a black line over the photo or a link rather than a picture of the breasts mid article.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    With a side order of 5

    I think slashdot's suddenoutbreakofcommonsense tag would be appropriate.

  40. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Possible swap?

    Being one to have grumbled about the excessive number of non-entities in the UK only famous for being gormless, can I ask if we can swap a few for the Spanish equivalent? Miss España María Reyes looks far more tasty than the Big Borther dross we have here. I'd be much less inclined to grumble if we got a few more pics of her and a lot less of Jodie Marsh or the like.

    Oh, and number 4! In finest Jeff Murdock style.

    /mines the dirty-old-man Mac....

  41. ppnl

    Black line?

    "Yes, I know it says topless but articles like this generally have a black line over the photo or a link rather than a picture of the breasts mid article."

    Putting a black line over those would be a crime against nature.

  42. Robert Hill
    IT Angle

    There IS an IT angle...

    It's about freedom of media and digital media especially, versus our privacy rights. This is one of the prevailing issues of digital today, and is therefore especially relevant to our industry, which is as much about communication as computation.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    "Here's an idea, Big-G - why don't you try refraining from clicking on any story with words like 'celebs' and 'topless' in the headline?

    Alternatively, if you'd like, we can create a special version of the Reg just for you which we'll send to your inbox promptly at 9am each morning which contains nothing remotely amusing, frivolous or unconcerned with matters of consequence. Would you like that? And a biscuit? You may have a biscuit. Would you like a biscuit? "

    Will you yourself be dropping by to hand feed us biscuits then? If so yes please

  44. Anonymous Coward

    Great breasts

    "Yes, I know it says topless but articles like this generally have a black line over the photo or a link rather than a picture of the breasts mid article."

    What is NSFW?

    I only clicked the link because it promised topless. Why should I then have to look at a blacked out pictiure? If it was something as repulsive as an MPs expense account, fair enough, black away.

    But these were a fine pair of human breasts. The female human form is supposed to be found attractive by most male humans, as that's natural, so why would we wish to hide it? You see, there's the birds and the bees....

  45. Fred Mbogo

    Not trolling

    @THEBIG-G: Not to come off like a flamer, in neither way, but you do read like one of those sad anoraks that our dear BOFH despises. You know, the one's that go off on meandering stories about trainspotting, the foibles of the 8085 instruction set and why Captain Kirk is better than Piccard.

    @Ms. Bee: Can I have one of your biscuits?

  46. Tkirk
    Big Brother

    I'll have a 3 please...

    Seriously, If I was on a beach topless (not something likely to happen FYI) and someone put a picture up where everyone could see it, I would not try and sue them, I'd be more likely to go "Whoops, maybe I should have covered up" and try and draw as little attention as possible to the picture. Not get it splashed around the net to people who've never even heard of me! Maybe she just wanted a little more exposure...

    PS, like the new icons :)

  47. Dale Richards


    The only thing missing from that picture is a motorboat - by me!

  48. WhatWasThat?

    American "English" Slang

    Wow. Being offered the illustrious Sarah Bee's biscuit. I feel jealousy rising up like a _heavily_ modifed Robin (Top Gear ref. FTW).

    I, like most males, prefer a nice pint (Imperial or English - who cares?!) with my biscuit(s), please!

  49. James O'Brien


    Now where do we sign up to get a parody of Hitler about this issue?

  50. Col
    Thumb Up

    Ooh, ooh, yes please miss, me too!



  51. JMB

    Spanish court in favour of topless celebs

    I get the impression that some celebrities now just accept they will be photographed and don't make a fuss about it.

  52. Anonymous Coward

    OK, this is important to clear up

    When we're talking biscuit, are we talking an actual biscuit, like you'd have for breakfast, or a COOKIE, like with chocolate chips?

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    An imperial pint *is* what is used in England. Imperial = empire = British (in this case) => England part of Britain etc. etc.

    I think you mean a US pint as it is being different as our colonial inbred cousins are rather deficient in the pint department (something like 470 ml rather than the real man's 568*)

    Anyway, any fule kno you have milk with biscuits and pints with other pints (and other pints, and other pints and other pints and other pints and kebabs and chips and fight and wake up with an "oh my god!!!! how pissed was I last night????). You some sort of foreign Johnny by any chance?

    *ml are by definition of being French completely anathema to anyone who does not like cheese, snails and surrendering but in this case it is the only neutral measure that suffices.

  54. Oils

    Legally dubious context

    What may be "acceptable" on a beach isn't necessarily acceptable in any other context.

    So a celeb on a beach may still have a right to privacy beyond the context of the beach - especially if the photo was taken without permission.

    Just because a celeb is in the public's eye, doesn't mean they are totally owned by the slavering public.

    Icon addressed to the Spanishs judges...

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    "Whoops, maybe I should have covered up"

    what in the same way Suzi Perry goeson twitter and tweets "'Whoops Naughty wind I've just seen something on youtube that should'nt have happened... thank goodness for french knickers..." geeze that vid has a lot of views now!

    No! surely if you don't want publicity you don't mention it. at all..

  56. Anonymous Coward

    @Eponymous Cowherd

    "Ah, well, breasts are an excellent model for explaining class hierarchies, inheritance and interfaces."

    Actually, if you are wishing to study interfaces, a different set of organs would be more apropos.

    ...mine's the one with the telephoto lens in the pocket.

  57. Allan George Dyer
    Paris Hilton

    @Andy 16

    but is it Human Interest?

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