back to article UK retailer apologizes for faux Iran Tweets

If you're among the many who've been searching Twitter for digital howls of revolution over the disputed Iranian presidential election, you may have turned up ads for UK furniture retailer Habitat. Habitat has apologized for the houseware ads, which were tagged with words like "Iran" and "Mousavi." But it's not taking the …


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  1. erichammond

    Abuse of URL redirecting service

    Not only were those additional spams you found abusing Twitter, they were also abusing the URL redirecting service and have been disabled for violating the terms of service. Thanks for catching these. Further reports of abuse can be forwarded to

  2. Anonymous Coward

    What a shonky practice Habitat

    They already show up in searches for tat

    Twitter + Habitat = Habitwat

    Mines the green dinner jacket - ahhhmedinnerjacket!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    That's unconscionable.

    But using "for" in front of "free" should attract summary beheading.

  4. jake Silver badge

    As I was saying.

    Twitter and other so-called "Web2.0" sites are entertainment only. Toys that can, and will, be abused by anyone that wants to abuse them. Why anyone would think that such sites would be a reliable source of information is beyond me ...

  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    How does that work then?

    "Yes, I'd two of those minimalistic and eye-wateringly expensive lamps and one of those astonishingly unconfortable but terribly stylish leather sofas please. Oh and an Iranian Revolution while you're at it. Do you do stain protection for the revolution? It took me ages to get the blood out of the last one...."

  6. Anonymous Coward

    RE: As I was saying

    Jake, why anyone would think Twitter was a reliable source of *entertainment* is beyond me.

    10am took a dump.

    11am ate some crisps

    11:10 looked for info about Iran

    ad nauseum

  7. Gordon Pryra

    Who believes Habitat?

    Companys have been using these tactics since the internet was born.

    What annoys me, is like the polititions, these companys actually think that we believe their denials

    Stop insulting us

    Habitat stuff is shit anyway

  8. Matthew Cochrane

    Habitat response

    On the Social Media Today Site, the Habitat Press Office posted the following comment - which seems to have been missed by most news sources reporting the story:

    "In response to speculation, we would like to clarify – this was not done by an agency. The hashtags were uploaded without Habitat’s authorisation by an overenthusiastic intern who did not fully understand the ramifications of his actions. He is no longer associated with Habitat."

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Nice one abuse team!

    Thumbs up for your rapid response and anti-spam alertness! KUTGW :-)

  10. ElNumbre

    Call for Seymore Bots.

    The trouble with Bots its its Garbage in, Garbage Out.

    As the bearded wonder, Dave Gorman pointed out the other day, Garmin have now found this. He posted something on Twitter saying the his Garmin blew goats (or words to that effect), the Garmin bot retweeted it ad nausium to the globe.

  11. Anthony 13

    So you are telling me Twitter...

    ... uses the equivalent of Meta Tags! That really worked as a search tool on the Internet didn't it ...

  12. Havin_it

    You lot make me want to puke

    FFS ... I've held my tongue long enough, but two (different!) manglings of this popular phrase in one thread is the final straw.

    "ad nauseam". That's how you spell it. Not "nauseum", nor indeed "nausium". I believe a "nauseum" might be a large public building displaying exhibits of people throwing up, or perhaps somewhere you can go if you wish to throw up. "Nausium" is the 114th element, a heavy metal that can cause those exposed to it to blow chunks.

    Don't they teach English any more?


  13. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Anthony 13

    No, it's entirely different.

    Metatags were an old-skool FAIL. This is FAIL 2.0 replete with user-generated FAIL.

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