back to article Oracle plucks meat from Virtual Iron carcass

Oracle plans to add various Virtual Iron management tools to its Oracle VM product, and the combined offering is scheduled for release "early to mid next calendar year." "With Virtual Iron, we are able to take the pieces that they're very strong at and include that into our virtualization management component," Wim Coekaerts, …


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  1. Hollerith 1
    Paris Hilton

    So they are going to shaft the FBI?

    Are they positive they don't want to support VI after their stated deadline.

    Sure about that? Sure, sure, sure?


    I, for one, welcome our new icons.

    Paris, because she remains honoured.

  2. OUMAN


    Orcale is leaving everyone out there with a VI infrastructure in the cold. How can you plan a data center future with no knowledge of the existing products future. We know it will become another product, but why souldn't I just bite the bullet and buy VM Ware and be done with it. If I am going to have to migrate, might as well be now.

  3. James 85

    VI Only Read Competitor to VMware

    VI is/was the only real competitor to VMware. It is/was the only one of the ever more commoditised server virtualisation products that offered the full range of server virtualisation solutions: from P2V to operation, HA, DRS and management.

    In some cases, because of its requirement to run on newer chips, it offered better performance than VMware.

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