back to article Elon Musk hits out at co-founder's Tesla Roadster allegations

Famed PayPal hecamillionaire and space rocket kingpin Elon Musk has issued a personal retort to the lawsuit recently mounted against him by fellow co-founder of electrocar maker Tesla Motors, Martin Eberhard. In the lawsuit, mounted in the California superior court, Eberhard claims he has been repeatedly slandered by Musk, and …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    I love spats like this!

    Where both sides say that the negative publicity surrounding the dragging of their disagreement into public view has hurt them and that they and their companies have suffered financial damage verging on bankruptcy.

    Then they go and shovel shedloads of cash down the lawyers' throats in order to have the whole sorry mess picked over again in detail through the courts.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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