back to article Nokia Siemens clamps down on Iran snoop claims

Nokia Siemens Networks has denied it provided Iran with any special snooping equipment or capabilities when it helped install mobile networks in the country. But the company concedes it did provide lawful intercept capabilities - as it does in the UK, US and most of the rest of the world. In fact this "Lawful Intercept" is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    I see.

    Install telecomms snooping kit in Iran == BAD?

    Install telecomms snooping kit in UK == GOOD?

  2. AndyS


    Right wing Americans criticising companies for providing telecoms equipment capable of monitoring calls seems a bit, well, how to put this... Empty? Hypocritical? Pathetic? Two faced?

    Especially when the companies and countries involved are all nothing to do with the US (except for being the current focus of that all too essential political destabilisation and hatred).

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Google Ethics

    Google has shown, time & time again, that it's "ethics" and motto "don't be evil" are tossed aside the moment revenue is involved. Thus, the clear disparity between their support for political repression in China but support for political freedom in Iran.

  4. Edwin

    @AC 11:37 GMT

    Nonono. You miss the point.

    The Iranian government has tampered with elections, whereas the Chinese government hasn't.

    See? Makes perfect sense.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All telecoms switching and routing equipment is snooping equipment

    It's the nature of the beast I'm afraid. All switches come with a facility to monitor calls. The billing records produced by all switches can be taken by any government agency and mined for potentially useful information. Any short message service centre can be configured to keep a log of messages and their content. As for IP based routing equipment, well logs (ostensibly switched on for diagnostic purposes) can certainly capture places visited, conversations initiated and so on. The actual content is a bit harder with IP due to volume.

  6. Ian 11

    Well yes of course it was in the Wall Street Journal

    The yanks are just jealous that their government has prevented them getting such lucrative government contracts due to a trade embargo against Iran.

    That doesn't mean Cisco et al. are any better than Nokia/Siemens, it just means they couldn't bid.

    So of course what better for an American paper to do than use it to attack foreign companies out of sheer jealousy?

  7. ShameOnNokia

    Shame on Nokia

    Nokia was my favorite phone company until I found out they support terrorists like this.

    You obviously find it worth to make money off people's lives.

    I will spread this shameful act of yours as extensively as I can.

  8. Zagreus
    Thumb Down

    Title what?

    Multinational services conglomerate sells services, products complying with local and international laws. News at 11!

    Yawn. More bellyaching by the Northern American 'media'. Bugger off and stick to the Missing White Girl stories, stick to what you know &c.

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