back to article Green GT motors through trial run

Green GT's leccy racer of the same name has finally taken to the track, having completed an initial shakedown of the Paul Ricard Circuit in Le Castellet, France. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Christian Pescatori, a Le Mans veteran, successfully pushed the car through 18 laps of the 2.37 mile …


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  1. Fractured Cell


    Now all you have to do, is hand it over to the tame racing driver:


  2. Dave Ross

    And the STIG is?

    Michael Schumacher... or not... as the case may be.

  3. Lionel Baden


    who ??

    dont you mean schumacher

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    When I hear it pull away, I'm waiting for the jingle of milk bottles to follow.

  5. Emo


    Now just add some clanging milk bottles...

  6. Steven Raith
    Thumb Up


    "Team Green GT now plans to return to the Paul Ricard Circuit later in the summer for a full-speed test, which could see the car nudge its way up to 170mph."

    I bloody hope so, a Polo BlueMotion would be quicker than that lap, and I expect have less environmental impact too.

    Be interesting to see it at full chat though, I'd hope it sounds more than a bit TIE-fighter-ish...

    Steven R

  7. Allan Rutland
    Thumb Down

    Why bother?

    Top speed of 62mph? urmm that'll have the Audi's and Peugeot's worried.

    They might of well of just grabbed a electric milk float, filled the back with batteries and used that. Without the recharging stops it would win over all.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not enough ground clearance for TT course

    Although much of the TT course's public roads have been smoothed out, there's still a lot that need a decent amount of ground clearance due to the uneven surface.

    As it is, the track car looks way too low for it.

  9. Ru
    Black Helicopters

    Faceless drivers...

    ...are very conveniently interchangable. Whoever said that The Stig had to be just one guy?

  10. Matthew 3


    Nah, he's been out of the sport waaaay too long, looking at the way he 'drove' the reasonably priced car.

  11. Andy Enderby 1

    pedants corner

    It isn't a GT by any stretch of the imagination. Oh, and if they managed a dizzying 100Km/h then the team concerned may be interested to know that they have a mere 240 Km/h or so to find in order to build a car with a hope of bothering the Pugs or the Audis currently dominating the sharp end at LevMans.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Good job the Reasonably Priced Windscreen did it's job, helmeted or not, being smacked in the front by a tv camera at that speed would have been less than family entertainment.

  13. Karl 3

    Track racing?

    Why not take the whole concept to its logical conclusion? You only need a relatively small battery, enough to power the car a few hundred yards, between your garagage and the trunk road, with the powerlines inlaid in the street surface.

    Mine's the one with the Scalectrix logo on the back.

  14. Pete James

    Andy Enderby, pedant membership refused

    If you're going to sit in pedants corner Andy then you should at least know that the Pug 908 Hdi-FAP and Audi R15 are LMP1 class, and so the Green GT machine will not be competing with them. In fact the regs for LMP2 are quite deliberately designed to prevent them winning races - even if they did make a bit of a hash of things a couple of years back.


  15. Andy Enderby 1


    guilty as charged Pete. I should know better.

    They have what appears to be a heavily modded LMP2 chassis.

  16. Metz

    Errr. Gearbox?

    "And to check that the gearbox could withstand the torque generated by two 100kW electric motors"

    Gearbox? What gearbox?

    Perhaps they're talking about the diff...or something like that. Why on earth would a car driven by electric motors want to carry around the weight of a gearbox?

  17. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    Ha Ha Ha!

    "This trial run means the car stands a good chance of covering the Isle of Mans’ Mountain Course in next year’s TTxGP. But it’s worth remembering that the TTxGP circuit is, of course, considerably hillier than your average motorsport track."

    That's a joke right. The ground clearance on that thing would probably be inadequate for most of the UKs race circuits let alone the TT. Have you not noticed that the bikes get noticably airborne at several points around the circuit? That place is bumpy. That thing looks like it would ground out on some of the manhole covers let alone the hump backed bridges. Hell it looks like it would ground on the chalk dust on a billiard table.

    The ideal car for the mountain circuit would probably be more like a tarmac rally car.

    BTW are you sure the projected top speed is only 170mph? I only ask because most cars of that ilk are considerably faster than that and the EV fraternity are well know for exagerating. Then again we're looking at something below 300bhp here which is far from spectacular so could it be that finally we have a company manufacturing an EV with realistic expectations.

    As for the transmission coping with the torque, don't most electric motors produce the majority of their prodigious torque at very revs? In which case the only time the transmission would be troubled would be coming off the line. It follows, therefore, that a simple bit of launch control circuitry or perhaps some sort of viscous coupling would protect the transmission.

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