back to article Galactica 1.3

Third-party iPhone applications are generally cheap, but we really expected a rather better price-to-play time than we got from Galactica. Like Tube Deluxe it only costs 59p, but we can't see many downloaders getting anywhere near a minute's worth of pleasure from each penny they spend. You might get five minutes' mild …


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  1. Mike Taylor


    If you happen to find yourself covering apps for more extensive smartphones, then Fring is a damn fine app

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not being funny, or anything...

    But if you're going to start reviewing some of the billions of iphone apps, make them ones that you recommend?

  3. Dave 142


    If you're a Cylon you'll see the Eye of Jupiter in it.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    my god...

    i can actively see power being wasted

    paris - just because

  5. Bad Beaver

    I guess

    you should try it while on some trippy drugs, that might be much more interesting.

  6. Jim Moores

    A bit harsh

    I bought Galactica, and although it is just a toy, I think you're being a bit harsh. I thought the graphics were very nicely done, and have found myself going back to it from time to time. The two-point touch activating gravity function is a bit odd, and the flick detection not sensitive enough, but I liked it.

  7. Philip Teale

    Perhaps you could tag App Reviews as such?

    This is more of a suggestion than a rant, but perhaps these reviews could be tagged as "App Review" so that I know not to bother reading them? I don't have an iPhone or Android handset and am not planning on getting one. I don't have all the time in the world to read The Register and so would rather be able to spot at a glance which articles to read.

    Does anyone else agree?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For a more a balanced review...

    The AppPodcast said "tugs at my creative loins" .. "definitely recommend" ... "pretty magical"

    AppCraver awarded Galactica 9/10.

    148Apps awarded Galactica 4/5. said it "will certainly enthrall you with it’s dazzling visuals",

  9. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Confused ...

    "Even if it were free, it would be hard to recommend" ... rating 40%

    Maybe I'm stuck in pre Web 2.0 thinking but I'd have expected 0% as absolutely avoid, utterly useless to 100% for an essential, cannot live without, must have, with 50% being so-so, good for some, not so good for others.

    So how does a not recommended, hard to recommend even if free, app score a 40% ?

  10. Bad Beaver

    slew of replies

    @ AC 20th June 2009 09:17 GMT

    One would think so. Maybe the reviewer was so disappointed with his <£1 purchase that he just HAD to share.

    @ Jason Bloomberg

    Do you see anyone out there rating according to such an onerously realistic and useful scale? It might not be most advisable if you are actually relying on ad-revenue.

    @ Philip Teale

    Dubiously labeled articles are part of the fun of this site, but I agree that such a label would be helpful and appreciated.

  11. Dr Richard


    You mean the Fring that is also free on the App Store? ....

  12. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge
    Thumb Up


    Oh, the ~20-39% range would be buggy, crash the phone every so often and such, 15-20% rating it loses info when it crashes, 15% and below insults your mom while doing all that, at 10% it's forwarding your contacts to telemarketers, for a 5% rating it's stealing your credit card info, and for a 0% rating an app should also make the phone spontaneously combust.

  13. ZenCoder

    There is a free app ..

    Spawn Lite it is similar play with particle effects, only it has a free and a pay version, I just use the free but I can see how someone might like it enough to pay a $1.

    For something like that I'd want to try then buy.

  14. robinland
    Thumb Down

    What does $1 buy you in *any* other are of life?

    Clearly this reviewer has some personal issues they need to resolve. This unjustified and unprofessional rant at this app and the developer is frankly pathetic. This level of 'journalism' is well below The Register's usual standards. How disappointing?

    Suggestion: why not write a proper article on the state of mobile development, how big name and indie developers are doing, etc?

  15. Piloti
    Thumb Down

    What.... ?

    The Reg is a fantastically good read, but frankly, reviews pap for an Apple devices that is neither a good mobile 'phone nor a better than the rest music player is really scrapping the barrel.

    If you must, really really must, then please follow these simple rules :

    1 ; don't do it in the Reg Hardware site, do it somewhere else.

    2 : Stop pandering to corporate balls by calling these turgid programmes 'apps'. Applications if you must, or programmes. These words have served us well for, oh, ages....

    3 ; Don't.


  16. Jimmy Floyd
    Dead Vulture


    Why, pray tell, will you be "regularly reviewing iPhone apps?" I understood this to be a website for IT professionals or at least people of a certain level of technical ability. No techie worthy of the name - Apple fanbois excepted - are going to have an iPhone.

    Leave it for Mixmag.

  17. Rob

    Not as good

    Still not a patch on Geiss or Milkdrop for Winamp (free to download, even better when linked to projector or HD TV, class A (or B) drugs not included).

  18. Alex 32
    Paris Hilton


    Well, considering you've trounced the App completely, maybe you'd prefer Bloom, or even Pro? That is if you are actually bothered by these types of apps...

    @Jimmy Floyd "No techie worthy of the name - Apple fanbois excepted - are going to have an iPhone." Not so. Many have, and many shall in the future. If it's not your bag, fair enough, but please do not speak for everyone else. I am a Tech (of the Cisco, HP, and MS variety) and I have one. Not a brilliant device, but it certainly keeps me entertained :o)


    Paris, because she likes to make sweet, sweet music..

  19. Annihilator
    Thumb Down


    "There's a button for screengrabs."

    Was there anything wrong with the existing printscreen command built right into the iPhone/Touch? (home and power button simultaneously)

  20. /dev/me
    IT Angle


    Ehm, I'm here about the request?

    It seems they have now the "Citrix Receiver for iPhone". Now isn't that just what we where waiting for? Accessing our Citrix applications from /anywhere/ wow. Impressive. How big was that display again? Is it really possible to wiggle a function into a spreadsheet on an iPhone? A fair and balanced review would meet an enthusiastic reader. Thanks ;-)

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