back to article US net nanny ratchets Chinese censorware spat

US software maker Solid Oak has beefed up efforts to prevent the distribution of China's "Green Dam" app, continuing to claim that the Far East censorshipware includes code lifted from its own net-filtering tool, Cybersitter. The Chinese government has decreed that all new machines in the country must ship with the infamous …


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  1. James 55
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    Stick it to them Solid Oak

    Give them a good shafting.

  2. Number6

    Server Access?

    Surely if the Green Damn code makes calls to their servers they can have lots of fun. I'm surprised the US government hasn't called round for a friendly chat to see exactly what could be done to subvert a whole load of Chinese PCs. At the very least they might be able to update the censor list to only include official Chinese government websites.

    (yes I know there's an extra 'n')

  3. Keith T

    I hope that one day the Chinese government stops discriminating against Chinese people

    There is no reason for the Chinese government to deny Chinese people living in China the same rights and freedoms that people of other nationalities and races have.

    Chinese people are as intelligent and hardworking as people from any other nation, and they deserve the right to pick and choose what they view to the extent people of other nations do (e.g. no kiddie porn).

    My heart and best wishes go out to the Chinese people.

  4. asdf
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    Re: Keith T

    We also wish that (educated westerners that is). Communism and especially Maoism is a scourge on humanity that continues to hold people back to this day. Communism makes people equal by making everyone go without.

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  6. Anonymous Coward


    "Communism makes people equal by making everyone go without"

    As opposed to

    "Capitalism makes greedy f*ckers get rich at everone else's expense" maybe ?


  7. imposter

    Communism in practice

    "Communism makes greedy f*ckers get rich at everone else's expense" in practice. Whatever system you use, the result is the same some people get rich at the expense of others. THe best systems are where the side effect of this is that the others aren't as poor.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Chinese Firewall

    Does your employer give you unrestricted access to the internet?

    The reason I ask is simple: China is a communist state and being so means that everyone is employed directly (or maybe a little more indirectly these days) by the government.

    I'm betting your employer doesn't allow you to access the terms and conditions of employment at a rival business, download porn, set up a website pro-actively working against their business etc etc

    Why should China be any different?

    (Well, ripping off other people's code makes them different but apart from that?)

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