back to article Man queues overnight to buy iPhone 3GS... and take it to bits

Crazy CEO Kyle Wiens arrived in London from California yesterday with the intention of queueing overnight to ensure he was first in line this morning to buy an iPhone 3G S. No mere fanboy, this guy wanted the handset to being among the first geeks around the globe to disassemble Apple's faster, more capacious …


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  1. richard 69
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    man wastes money on iphone 3gs....

    should have gone to pub instead.....

  2. David Adams


    ... will it blend?

    We need to know!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    He could have stayed in bed

    Due to O2's cretinous upgrade policy and stupid 18 month contract lock in about 90% of people interested in a 3GS are currently stuck with the 3G they bought with six months left on their contract.

    This says it all:


    And let's also not forget about the utter-royally-taking-the-piss-rip-off that is their tethering 'offer', where you are seriously expected to cough up £15 a month for the pleasure of using your existing data you are already paying for with a laptop.

    Some amusing gruniad quotes from

    O2: "Our online shop saw a 150% increase in online traffic in the first two hours."

    - wow - that's almost.. half their regular users again.

    But my fav:

    "O2, which has the exclusive rights to sell Apple's new iPhone 3GS in the UK, said by 1.30pm that it had sold more of the phones this year than it in the entire day last year."

  4. Rob McDougall
    Jobs Halo


    That charger looks much better!

  5. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    Let me get a Kleenex...

    While I wank off over these pictures of an electrical device.

    FFS is this REALLY what the Reg has come to. Pointless pictures of circuitry.

  6. Wrenchy


    Where's the part where Jesus goes in? Isn't this the Jesus phone?

    I've taken the 3G apart and it is without a doubt the easiest phone I have ever disassembled. Although I hate Apple and all things Apple-related, I must give the simple design a nod and thumbs up.

  7. David Cherry 1
    Paris Hilton

    Apple Porn

    (nowt to see here)

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Trick of the light?

    or is that board fried? looks very sooty around certain chips in the bottom right corner...

    buy one now cos it'll be out of date tommorrow..

  9. Hedley Phillips

    That reminds me

    what the important things in life are.

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    Good on you!

    Now personally I would have dismantled with something a little more, effective, like a 14lb lump hammer! Bloody iPhone fanbois, it's a tool for communication, not a life changing decision!

  11. Stuart Gepp

    @AC 14:00

    O2: "Our online shop saw a 150% increase in online traffic in the first two hours."

    - wow - that's almost.. half their regular users again.

    If you're going to be a pedant, at least do it right. A 150% increase is your normal traffic plus 1.5 times your normal traffic which is 2.5 times your normal traffic.

  12. Steve X
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    Re: He could have stayed in bed

    What part of "18 month contract" are these people having problems with?

    Maybe O2 should just offer the 3GS as an upgrade for, say 500quid? Shouldn't discourage the fanbois too much...

  13. DrXym Silver badge

    Who are these sad bastards?

    Who queue up a midnight for a freaking phone of all things. It's not even a new phone, just a variant of an existing model.

  14. zourtney
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    @ AC 15:46

    Quote: "it's a tool for communication, not a life changing decision!"

    Thank you; at least someone around here still has some sense! My wife and I got iPhones afew weeks ago because we needed phones, and it seemed a nice upgrade.

    The new 3Gs came out the next day -- I simply said, "Oh well." I probably would have known something was coming down the tubes if I had been trolling the Apple rumor sites. But who wants to live in that land of fanboi nonsense, victim to Apple's orgasmic press releases? No thank you -- in the end, it's just another **thing**.

    Yes: I enjoy the device.

    No: It will not change my life.

  15. jai


    funny though - cos after all that he wasn't the first to post the pull apart pics

  16. Anonymous Coward

    I can see why they needed to build the battery in.

    Oh wait ;)

    Let me see, rectangular box shaped thing, situated next to the casing. Hmm. Clearly that couldn't be made readily user removable. Noooo.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "O2: "Our online shop saw a 150% increase in online traffic in the first two hours."

    - wow - that's almost.. half their regular users again."

    Ummm.. NO you'r thinking of a 50% increase 150% increase is 1.5 x more than normal so thats double and then half again.10 users -> 25, 100 -> 250 etc...

  18. peter 45

    Re: 150% increase

    AC1 and AC2

    You are both right...and both wrong....possibly

    It all depend if the O2 Spokesman knows anything about maths and percentages and therefore actually understood what he was saying.

    My guess is that he actually did not have a clue what he was saying and although what he strictly said meant 1.5 times more than normal, the actual increase was only 50%

  19. Georges
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    should have gone to specsavers

    I did and didn't buy the iphone.

  20. Doug Glass

    How Sweet

    Such clean fingernails. Their mommies must wipe them too.

  21. Scott K

    18 month contract

    The clue is in the title.

    Just because you are an Apple owner != exempt from the law of contract.

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