back to article AT&T playing iPhone streaming favorites

AT&T is playing favorites when it comes to whom it allows to stream media over its 3G wireless broadband service and who it bars from doing so. According to a report by the media-reform group Free Press, AT&T is allowing Major League Baseball to stream live games to its At Bat 2009 (iTunes link) iPhone app over AT&T's …


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  1. SkippyBing

    which the Cubbies won 6-5 on Alfonso Soriano's walk-off RBI single in the ninth

    I recognise all those words and yet I have no idea what that phrase means.

  2. buddypepper

    Works on my old Palm 700P...

    As dead as Palm is, at least I can run my SlingPlayer on it!

  3. MDR

    Playing favorites?

    AT&T does seem to allow Sling Player mobile to stream over 3G on other devices (such as Blackberry). Also, when Sling first announced the player for iPhone, the noted WiFi streaming only at Apple's request.. Maybe we have more than one target for that over ripe fruit?

  4. Mectron

    Witch such

    Illegal restriction. AT & T has lost the little credibility it have left. This is a nother reason not to own a iJunk Phone. but as extremly despicable companies AT&T and Apple form a perfect pair

  5. PushF12
    Jobs Horns

    strip AT&T of common carrier status

    If anybody in the regulatory body had any gumption, they would begin the motions of stripping AT&T of their common carrier protection for discriminating network traffic.

  6. Jimbo 7


    AT&T does not offer anything for free. You have to pay $30/month for unlimited data plan which actually is not unlimited because they block what you can do ... and this is all with blessing of lovely friendly so caring Apple company which restricts their OS more than anybody else

    glad I do not own iPhone

  7. coolgks

    verizon get iphone

    Cant wait till verizon gets the iphone!

  8. pjnola

    Baseball doesn't require much bandwidth

    ...because nothing actually happens in baseball. They actually just send a single JPEG at the beginning and middle of each inning.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Snooker's popularity rose hugely in the UK - as it was an efficient way of colour TV.

    What we need now is to find a sport that is most bandwidth effective thru as little happening as possible. Golf ? Cricket ? Manchester City ?

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