back to article Sun kicks out VirtualBox 3.0 beta

Just after Oracle closes its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in about a month's time, one of the things it's going to have to sort out is a hodgepodge of virtualization products that Oracle and Sun have amassed. But in the meantime, Sun's VirtualBox development team is still at it, rolling out the first beta of VirtualBox 3.0 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Type 1 and type 2

    Given that VirtualBox is the only type 2 hypervisor in Oracles "smorgasbord" of hypervisors, I wold give it a fair chance to survive.

    The big question is what type 1 hypervisor they will keep around, but as both VI and xVM Server is Xen based I wold guess that they rather continue with a Xen based hypervisor than jump on the fairly unproven KVM train. Secondly by potential merge the eng. resources from VI and Suns xVM team they will have a substantial expertise in Xen based hypervisors.

  2. Dustin

    "That release supported ... Mac OS X ... guests

    I want to make a correction to this article --- Virtualbox still does not support Mac OS X guests, in any version, beta or otherwise

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  4. Uwe Dippel
    Jobs Halo

    It never will, that's pretty sure!


    I am afraid it never will! :( support MacOSX. :(

    Then world and sundry will install a 'free' (== no cost) Linux distro on their cheapo white boxen, and download OSX from some one-eyed Swedish pal.

    And Apple will have to contend themselves with the sales of iPhones.

  5. Peter Kay

    Let's hope it actually works...

    Windows support has been quite good in Virtualbox, and some of the Linuxes are ok. Everything else though? Utter shit, at least on the x64 Windows host.

    VMWare and VirtualPC remain much superior. I'll download it and see if it works on BSD unix without throwing weird memory and disk errors.

  6. BlueGreen

    @Peter Kay

    Don't much like VBox either. Feels like a toy, crashes too easily (taking down my machine with it sometimes). Okay for games, otherwise it's VMWare for any real work. *never* had problems with that.

    Disclaimer: I'm talking personal use, not enterprisey stuff.

  7. Dean H.

    VBox is the best

    I have stopped using VMware on the desktop for all but a few situations because VBox works so well and costs me nothing. It won't run Netware, but I can't blame them much for not bothering with that.

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