back to article Google accused of avoiding YouTube revenues

Google acknowledges that YouTube is still losing money. But according to an opinionated San Francisco IT research and consulting firm, it's not losing as much as it wants you to believe. In April, the financial brains at Credit Suisse famously estimated that Google will spend a good $711m on YouTube this year while pulling in …


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  1. A B 3

    In other words

    The trolls are actually 'sharks' ready to pounce at the first sniff of blood. Google needs to wait till it is big enough to shake off the pit bulls like M$ does. Meanwhile the advertisers are not interested in the 'early bird' worm. Did I make too many fauna references? Ooh look a penguin.

  2. Adam White

    WTF is... video e-commerce?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    YouTube has ads?

    You'll be telling me next that the Register carries advertising.

    Mine's the one with the red octagon in the top right.

  4. frank ly


    "...the financial brains at Credit Suisse .."

    Aren't they the big bank that had to write down $2.85 billion in 2008 because they deliberately overvalued their own assets? Can these people be trusted to analyse and value anything?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The obvious step from an advertising point of view

    is to slap ads onto every video, whether as a lead-in or a superimposed graphic. Luckily, nobody's stupid enough to think this will do anything other than kill YouTube off altogether seeing as, and this is the tricky bit, people don't actually want to be advertised to, despite the apparent belief that absolutely everything in Web2.0land can be funded from the bottomless pit of ad agency budgets.

  6. Ian Ferguson

    Of course they're downplaying revenue.

    They don't want to be seen to be making massive profits, or the recording rights industry will want their share of the pie.

  7. Chigaimasmaro
    Thumb Down


    Can we get ACTUAL numbers and not what consultation firms and loser banks are speculating?

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