back to article EnterpriseDB revs Postgres database

The Postgres Plus database peddled by upstart EnterpriseDB was revved this week with the fifth tweak of its Oracle compatibility layer, bringing enhanced compatibility of key features in generations of Oracle databases and enabling the Postgres Plus Advanced Server database to mimic Oracle databases, particularly when coping …


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  1. James Dennis

    Red Hat Network

    Unless I am misinterpreting what you are saying, Red Hat has indeed released some source code for the Red Hat Network. Project Spacewalk ( is Red Hat Satellite but with support for CentOS and Fedora. AFAIK Satellite is much the same thing as Red Hat Network proper, just local.

  2. Riaan

    Red Hat Network IS open source

    This is only mentioned in passing, but Red Hat have open-sourced the Red Hat Network Satellite code a year ago

  3. David Halko

    PostgreSQL is also shipped and supported by...

    PostgreSQL is also shipped by Sun with Solaris and is also supported by Sun... interesting to see what will happen if the Oracle purchase of Sun goes through...

    If the Oracle purchase of Sun does not go through, it seems Sun will still have some options to give Oracle user community some options to reducing licensing costs on the UltraSPARC platforms for custom built applications.

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