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Following the (semi-)success of Twitter's self-search engine - meant to tell you what the world is thinking right now - there's no shortage of web-happy outfits scrambling to crack so-called real-time search. That includes everyone from Google and Facebook to Web2.0rhea-loving startups like Tweefind and Twingly. Yes, Tweefind …


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  1. Albert Gonzalez

    Welcome feedback loops !

    It will be most interesting to see what happens when :

    1 - A LARGE numbre of websites update their contents and choke the input pipe at collecta

    2 - Someone, uses collecta to update a page in a website monitored by collecta in realtime , pecially if they are used usually for different searches, and a cunning individual then makes an update making all the searches to be updated at once ( just by publishing a long list of searchable words )

    Interesting times ahead if this takes grip.

    Albert, with googles, waiting for the spectacle ...

  2. Anthony Eeles

    Flipping 'eck...

    ...A new search engine comes out and no-one at the Register decides to write a 'FAIL AND YOU' bitch-slap about it?

    Wolphram Alpha, Google Squared - 0: Collecta - 1!

    /Mines the one that's just recieved a copy of this post through XMPP

  3. Noel Coward

    phpBB has it

    phpbb3 can use xmpp and is a very widely used forum app. I would say on the whole it is responsible for managing way more volume of content than Wordpress.

    I wonder if Collecta has thought of this: 600 million squillion forum posts a day all containing just one smiley not to mention the spam abuse frequenly pesent on many forums.

  4. Tom Chiverton 1

    De ja vu

    I remember how push was going to change everything, cica 1995... MS 'live desktop' with IE4 etc. Ho hum.

  5. ard

    Relevancy in real time is the important problem

    When it comes to real time search, you can end up with a lot of spam and trivia because you don’t have the rich back-link structure of the web to assess relevancy and “page rank”. You need totally different algorithms and a lot more intelligence in the search engine to return useful information. That's what we have done at Line Spout (

This topic is closed for new posts.

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