back to article Canadian bill forces personal data from ISPs sans warrant

Canada is considering legislation allowing the country's police and national security agency to readily access the online communications and the personal information of ISP subscribers. "We must ensure that law enforcement has the necessary tools to catch up to the bad guys and ultimately bring them to justice. Twenty-first …


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  1. Kit-Fox

    think of the danm kids indeed

    Oh wont someone please think of the kiddies

    I swear the next time someone trots that excuse out to my face they are in for a good 15minute lecture on just what I think of that particular argument.

    Bloody kids today dont even know their born, they are so protected, They certainly dont need more protection.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    More M'kumba

    Elements of the Canadian Government regularly practice M'kumba (state sanctioned rape and/or sexual assault) as a mechanism for bypassing the rights of those who oppose without

    resort to traditional tortures. So given the extreme paternalism of this State it comes as no surprise that they've got a thingy about "child abuse": it weighs heavily on their souls.


  3. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

    What's next?

    Obviously they're going to have to follow this with a ban on encrypted and/or anonymous communication to flush out the evil-doers.

    Remember, if you haven't got anything to hide!

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Here is what going to happen

    The government is going into recess on Friday for 3 months or so.

    Then there will start with a non-confidence against the government sometime in early September where the government will maybe get defeated and after that, if the justice minister doesn't forget about it, then it might get to first vote.

    Hopefully there will be elections this September to purge all of the crappy laws the neocons are trying to put in place, and then purge Canada of their shoddy dishonest government.

  5. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Give it rest for flips sake!

    So Mr Kiddie-Fiddler and Mr Beardy Terrorist sign up to a Satellite ISP provided by a different country and get their yah-yahs that way. Oh yes sorry, kiddie-fiddlers and terrorists aren't as smart as the boys in blue that's why they do what they do, stupidity, duh!

    Sick of seeing the peado/terror cards being played everytime some gov wants to find out what the populace are up to. I'll tell you what 99% of the populace do on the internet, shall I govs?

    1. Free soft porn

    2. Emails to mates about stupid YouTube vids

    3. Free soft porn

    4. Updating their MySpace/Twitter/FaceBook profiles with more snaps of them pulling a stupid face at last nights party.

    5. Free soft porn

    6. Paying bills

    7. Looking up train/plane timetables

    8. Free soft porn

    9. Buying from Amazon

    10. Downloading the odd MP3 album or last nights LOST/CSI episode!

    No plots to blow up schools or public places. No arrangements to meet at playgrounds to entice kids into cars. No plans on how make latest bomb from cake mix, play-doh and lime juice, no idea what that would make apart from a nasty smell!


  6. Keith T
    Paris Hilton

    I'm a Canadian and I don't have a problem

    I'm a Canadian and I don't have a problem with ISPs having to hand over the name and address of the person or company using an IP address or web domain to police without a warrant.

    After all, I drive around in a car with a license plate on the back and police can look up my name and address from it.

    Police monitoring internet communications without a warrant -- that I would have a really big problem with.

    Intelligence agencies monitoring internet communications without a warrant -- I mostly surf to sites in the USA and UK, so international communications. I'm sure it is all monitored already. I wish it wasn't, but I don't get to vote in US and UK elections. If Canadian intelligence agencies monitored it too, would it matter?

    I'm definitely against Canada following the precedents set by Tony Blair and George Bush.

    There is a high likelihood that Michael ("Lesser Evil") Ignatieff will (long time US and UK academic and pundit, apologist for US imperialism and torture) having now returned to Canada to lead The Liberal Party of Canada, will become our next prime minister.

    If "Lesser Evil" does become our PM, I have little doubt that he will be a "New Liberal" in the same authoritarian my-way-or-the-highway sense that Tony Blair was "New Labour" and George Bush was a "Neo-Con".

    Paris, because Paris's beautiful face will momentarily take my mind off the disasters facing western democracies as we increasing become vassal states of the USA.

  7. Johnny Canuck
    Thumb Down

    Lost my vote

    I've consistently voted for the Tories but will not if this passes.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brian J Doyle

    Don't these people follow recent events? You give the police too many powers and the peados just join the police.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Free West

    Free West don't seem so free anymore.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To quote...

    To quote South Park ... "Blame Canada ... Blame Canada...."

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    117000 kids strip searched under anti-terror powers

    Related to my above comment, here's an example of what happens when you remove the protections and give enforcement uncontrolled reign. 117000 searched last year, they don't have how many kids were searched as potential terrorist, but I bet there's lots of them.

    Ok, so 117000 kids are not strip searched by the rozzers last year..... yet.... but if Peter can use your kids as pawns for his surveillance law...

    Look at this:

    "The government is also proposing amendments .... These amendments would allow police to obtain both telephone and internet transmissions with a warrant (for live data) ....and allow law enforcement to remotely activate existing tracking devices in cell phones and other devices."

    Now imagine one of those monitoring is a pedo and the phone belongs to your kid. Is it so smart now to remove the warrant?

    We put checks and balances in a system for a reason. The judges are not a problem, they are a necessary check. The person doing the surveillance may not be the good guy.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bad Guys?

    "We must ensure that law enforcement has the necessary tools to catch up to the bad guys" - Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.

    How can someone who uses such inane phrases (based on the grossly over-simplified concept of 'good guys' versus 'bad guys') be a Justice Minister?

    Grow up FFS!

  13. Osiris

    @Fuzzy Wotnot

    You forgot reading El Reg

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    21st-century tools

    yes, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson...tool indeed.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "...this slows down investigations into crimes like child sexual exploitation..."

    Yeah, well - *trials* slow down the jailing of child molesters, too, but (so far) I haven't heard that used as an excuse to just jail for life everyone who's accused... ergh!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    As if it would be difficult to get a warrant on information for someone downloading kiddie porn.

  17. Schultz

    Thinking about the kids

    What's wrong with those policemen / politicians, always thinking about the kids. I wonder if this is some kind of perversion on their part !?

  18. Gis Bun

    Damn government....

    As mentioned previously, the over-paid MPs are heading for their summer recess [so they can play in the sand]. When they come back in September, the god awful Conservatives will finally be booted out of office. This bill will not become law.

    I think the ISPs which include Bell, Shaw, Rogers and Videotron [owned by Quebecor] are strong enough to fight off the bill. This bill is basically open season for any police official to do what they want in the end.

    @Johnny Canuck: How can you vote for those incompitent morons?

  19. Peter Fielden-Weston 2

    Re : Osiris

    El Reg is covered under option 8.

    Oooo LOOK! NEW TOYS!

    Damn, I can only use them one at a time.

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